Pan-Africanism : Are You African or African American?

Are You "African" or "African American?"

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Mar 25, 2005
Though I feel solidarity with black people all around the world, I don't call myself either one.

Africans are people who are either born or raised in Africa with a genuine African culture.

And the title my opinion...should be reserved for African immigrants who come to America.

I call myself an AfroAmerican, meaning an American of African descent.


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Nov 2, 2004
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Who are you ??

Today in 2005 the so-called black man is in lost of soo meny things. (1) Knowlege of his and her Origenal self. Brothers and Sisters there is no way of getting over, under, around or through this great-great-great-great delima that we face. In this day and time "We" are continuing the compelling effort to reclame what has been stolen by force from us by the "Open-Enemy". "We" have to know who this "Open-Enemy" to "Us" and also to "G-d" or "Creator" is. <Read Everything by Dr C.A. Diop>
We absolutly must realize that the Open-Enemy has taught and forced on us a "Totaly false mind-set that causes us to not be able to "Free" ourselves. Every thing they (so-called White People) taught us is a "Lie" from the perspective of the "Truth". They (so-called) White People have "Re-Written" Our-Story and given us in it's place His-Story which is a "Lie". Nothing about what they told us is true or accurate, this is why we are asking the Greatest Question we could ever ask our-Self. "Who am I"?, am I a Moor?, am I a Negro?, am I Colard?, am I Black or am I African ?? "We are Africans-in-America" for now but we will grow beyond this one day too. Brothers and Sisters. "People Know Thy Self"


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Aug 11, 2003
Da' Gump
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Alkebulan said:
wow ! how did i miss this one?

so, f a pregnant cat crawls n2 a warm (but not too warm) oven on a cool day, & gives birth, whatcha gonna call em, biskits?

:laugh: :laugh:

well, i kno this is not the poetry thread, but since i hv nvr posted a poem at destee b4, i ask u destee 2 pls overlook this & hope its not a violation of the rules or anything. i wrote this over 6 yrs ago when i was feeling esp afrocentric (yes, it waxes & wanes at times) & it really fits the topic ? to a t. u'll find my answer 2 ur ? at the end.

how can i make u understand?
luv 4 an unknown motherland
how real to me these yearnings seem,
a place where we can live our dream

how can connection really b,
4 this place so far from me
who think not n terms of i but we
will it bring out the best n me?
can its power change my destiny?

something I realized long ago
it's not an option i have 2 go
this pilgrimage will help me grow
relight my burned out inner glow
2 many secrets i must know,
so many debts 2 her we owe

vast beyond imaginings
contrasts starvation & diamond rings
i ve thought it could b paradise
her quiet beauty does so entice
i seek her counsel & advice,
am i willing thou 2 pay the price

telebroadcast scenes of famine & drought
inapparent causes r not thought about
impoverishment unencumbered throughout
suffering & death 4 europes clout

profiteers 4 unjust gain
heap on my homeland endless pain
they aren t concerned w/repercussions,
f it's not 4 profit there r no discussions

no matter how long & hard she screams & hollers,
they see afrika n terms of dollars

her mineral wealth must all be taken
irrespective of health & lives 4saken
a portion of me must still reside,
events there can instill such pride

i know that we r still connected
b/c my core is so affected
by news of risks the continent is taking,
or triumphant progress my families making

some identify w clothes or cars
they still don t know quite who they r
but 3 piece suits or burlap bags,
both will decay & become rags

don t focus on my outerwear,
thru verse i lay my soul out bare
they say don t make waves, go w the flow
they ll be sucked down w/the undertow

others may flock to france or greece,
europe can t make my longings cease

portrayed as natural disasters & plague,
but the tragedies r oft man made
w/a spirit hardship cannot defeat
w/an almost feminine mystique

a treasure trove garden retreat
w/every pleasure ur heart may seek
yet thousands die even as we speak
from far more than not enough to eat

isolation keeps her dependent & weak,
boundary lines she must delete
prospects 4 uniting r far 2 bleak,
separated, she simply can t compete

the poverty, squalor, death & sorrow
juxtapose w/the grandeur of killamanjaro
never will she attain whats best
aping greediness of the west

the solution to the racial fights
is brotherly luv, not civil rights
earth's greatest need is 4 advancement
n the science of luving others enhancement

w/diamonds oil gold & bauxite
few can match her mineral might
no land can match her vast potential
no where else has been so influential
my respect 4 her is reverential,
the whole globe was once so deferential
she must c europes role as wholly non-essential
& its culture, properly, inconsequential

until we re there we can never be home,
our ignorance led us 2 disown
this land of which the least is known,
n untapped potential she stands all alone
where lifes 1st fruits 2 the world were shown

physically huge but not full-grown,
r solid future seeds now being sown?

work toward the goal of being pan,
ignore the borders from europes klan
we wrote the bible & the koran,
we must unite while we still can

could journey 2 a distant shore
strengthen me & make me more ?
will i feel that i ve been there b4 ?
such contemplation's about whats n store

rich colored fabrics tribal dress,
warmth of an afrikan caress
varied dialects, melodic tones,
familial kinship so often shown
mysteries that will remain unknown,
the pride we share talking of home

no matter how i dress or where i stand,
my luv & longings 4 the motherland
intertwined by choice, design & plan,
so as long as i b black & b a man
from inside out i m AFRICAN

again, gr8 ? & i ve enjoyed & identified w soooo many of the replys 2 it. destee 4 president! :toast:
This flow is incredible... back to the top it goes !

I consider myself to be an American of African Descent.... Although, I do have an affinity for the term : New World African - it has a certain majestic ring to it ! It speaks to me of the strength that my Ancestors had to have posessed to make it through all we as a people have endured : from the horror of that middle passage voyage all the way up to present day. I'm equally proud of my African heritage as well as my American heritage and nothing will ever change that.

Much Peace,


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Jul 25, 2004
I believe that I am American (by law)...with African roots...I know this because my great grandfather on my father's side was born and lived in madagascar..then came to the states. Sooo i guess you could say Im american due to citizenship...african by blood.

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