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Are You "African" or "African American?"

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May 4, 2003
Originally posted by happy69
You can all me negro, black, or african-american; but I am not African, or a Person of Color.[Qoute]

Response: You'd prefer to be called any of the terms above but you choose not to be referred to as an Afrikan. However, weren't the terms that you prefer(see above) imposed on us by another people. Even the term "person of color" is not an Afrikan self imposed term. From my understanding the Europeans engineered those terms and classify us as such.

[Qoute] No, I do not think that "calling" myself an African will help or make it possible for Black people around the world Unite. We seemingly love to romanicize Africa and Africans, as some glorious and righteous entity that can somehow transform us to the place where we should be; a place that we "actually could be" if we did the things that we should be doing to be just that. Our window of opportunity is small but open, and sometimes I feel as if, God, must be scratching his head wondering when and if we will ever get it!
Ok. no one ever claimed that Afrika is a land filled with all peace and comfort. Politically the continent doesn't seem to be in a good place right now. However have u asked yourself why? Maybe one of the reasons might be the constant and deliberate undermining which leads to the underdevelopment of the most resourceful continent on the planet and we all are familiar with what the sale of human flesh did to the continent. We can see its continuing effects right now.

I think that to do so would betray my foremothers and forefathers who suffered the reality of being sold--self, life, and limb, for trinkets, sugar, and gun "powder," to finish killing off themselves (kinda prophetic in a perverse kind of way; a blood legacy seemingly passed down all the shores the tears of OUR PARENTS graced with
their stripped humaness, into nothingness.) It would betray their strength and conviction to survive, to love and to live.
How is indentifying ourselves with our birthright betraying our foremothers and forefathers? Are you suggesting that our foremothers and forefathers who were able to survive the brutal shipment from the continent to a captured land renamed America somehow ceased from being Afrikan or better yet voluntarily decided to renounce Afrika and be American, Afrikan American? They weren't even thought of as being human as evidenced by their treatment by the Europeans. As John Henrik Clark stated no Afrikan Americans, Jamaicans, Brazilians, Trinidanians, Cubans ever came on those ships.

To call myself an African, would make me, an abused child, identify with my abuser; surely, you can liken that to those of us today, still reaching for labels to say who we are, what we are about... identifying with those who still wretchedly try to destroy us... it is a legacy that throughout history has provided us nothing but a self-imposed treachery that still serves to kill ourselves... we are easy. We, the black natives of this land give ourselves to all; including other "Blacks" who happily and willingly join hand in hand with our oppressors; yet, we are the ones that everyone comes to for help, for sustenance to get them through the treacherous waters of life, then after use, we are ridiculed and spit out... Our foreparents and God himself must be crying for us.
Whose the abuser? Afrikans on the continent? Are you putting the full blame on those Afrikans for the situation of every single Black person worldwide. You say that you are an abused child meaning that you are a victim. However it seemed that you reserved the role of oppressor to the Afrikans on the continent. I have not once heard you mention where the Eurpeans fit in this scenario, and how the deranged quest for control and power by Europeans historicallly, has caused decay in the world today(white supremacy, racism), and has most likely caused you to view the situation as you view it.

What I spew is only my feelings; I have no hatreds because I cannot hold it. I think that if some of you have found some empowerment in calling yourself African or anything else you may want to call yourself; God bless you, be happy. It is just that to keep going into a circle of trying to define self; without ever knowing self will always relegate us to the low rung of life. Maybe, I have become selfish, and if I am, I will accept that, and try to correct it;
I wouldn't suggest that you have hatred but it appears that you have animosity for the Afrikans on the continent.

but What have they EVER DONE FOR ME, FOR YOU, FOR US? What except find satisfaction in joining hand in hand with those in helping to keep hurting us... a thousand year trial that has up until now not penetrated our armour... for now, our treachery is so evident that we have sold our very souls to one defined ideology or another, and allow ourselves to be used as todies and jiggaboos; spitting out limp-wristed emotionalism....
With every people there are going to be some who are traitors, some who are naieve and some who are selfish. Its not a big percentage but it does happen. Please correct me if I'm wrong but are you suggesting that it was the Afrikans who sold all their people into slavery to the foreigners who were just innocently persuaded by the Afrikans to buy their people?

Summary: My "perception" of your comments is that it seems that you feel the need to further divide Afrikan people in America(commonly referred to as African American) from Afrikans on the continent. I'm not sure how you feel about Afrikans in the Carribbean and other parts of the world, maybe its in the same way that you view Afrikans in America, but I'm not sure. Well as we all know division has been the greatest tool that has fostered our confusion.


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May 24, 2001
Electric Powerlineman

Living in NYC I have had the chance to meet many africans from all over the contenent and they will tell you plain and simple if you are not from the motherland you are Not African and that they are the African Americans


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May 3, 2002
Of course I was not suggesting that it was all of the African's fault; they are as much to blame in my own mind, as Whites... I don't have to divide I have stated and know is the truth--We have never been together! As far as African-American, it is just a political term, and even those in on the coining of the phrase, explain that as a term incorporating our dual heritages....

Yes, I probably do have a bias... we Blacks native to this land cannot continue to self-destruct.... I have been close with Africans in the past, I still have very close ties with some Carribbeans... and I still feel the same. Again, I ask you where have I gone wrong on this. How can we continue to utilize what power it is that we have to help others and let our own dreams continue to fall to the waste-side? Those other Blacks that I know feel the same; in fact it was some of them who got me asking questions, reading and understanding...

I am not against them, why should I be, I don't hate Whites, so why should I hate them... to me though, I think what is worse... and yes they do have biases and come here with stupid bias just like everyone else, just like immigrants of every stripe... so you say that I am to affiliate myself and what energies that I have trying to appease them? I think not; I will not waste any time on that... that is something that people have to come to mutually and I could careless if it ever happens... just as I wouldn't waste one ounce of breath on White racism... it is a wasteful use of brain and energy....

I am not saying that America shouldn't help them either-- Yes they should it is only fair; but is it not a rationale argument made when billions have been given and nothing but corruption takes place? Isn't it only fair to question how could so-called leaders and their friends take those funds and come to America, and open businesses (and this is not just Africans either!)????

You are correct, much of the problems faced in Africa is because of what others have done to control and destroy it... of course that is the truth... but again, as I stated before... to BUY, someone have to SELL.... SLAVERY, THE PURGING OF AFRICA, DRUGS IN OUR COMMUNITIES. BLACK DEMOCRATS, BLACK REPUBLICANS, ETC...

No Native Black American is naive. We are born knowing. We may have to lie, pretend, put on rosy colored glasses, shuck and jive, or fight--- to survive, but we can never say that we don't know.... we can never say that we don't know... and M-Brown, I respect you feelings, and whatever you want to do... I still feel that the only thing that we have to do is progress, and from one sister to you... More power to you.


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Jul 15, 2003
Retired Marine
I see myself as......

African-American. My family roots probably left Africa more than 100 years ago. That makes me more American than African. I agree with Happy69. African-Americans try to make themselves seem more important than others. We always talk about the man bullshitting us. But, we are our own seeds of ********. I'm talking about the stuff we say like "We come from queens and kings". I got news for you so, does everyone else. Sure whites bought us here in chains, but, you need to wake up and realise your fellow Africans helped em. It was a way of getting rid of your enemies. There is still slavery in Africa today. Besides, Africans are coming to America on their own now.

And to XXPanthaXX, you are bias. Everything you post is negative. even stating your from Klan Mountain Georgia. If you don't like prejuiduice whites, that's cool. But, to be equally biased about them makes you no better. You also, show that your biased towards Africans in this post. Who are you with besides you? I am not fooled by you. That's why you attacked my joke. you see everything in Black and white. Brother, like my poem says. Spare me the conspiracy, your conspiring against yourself.
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