Black Men : Are You a Male or a Man?


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Feb 28, 2009
"...Manhood, as I have stated in previous columns, is firmly rooted in training and discipline.

One may be male by birth, but becoming a man is a journey which a male must make in order to realize, not only his full potential, but to become a benefit to his home, church, community and general society in general.

Manhood, as I have started, also requires an unwavering loyalty to the truth, regardless of public opinion, personal thought, family critiques, or historical revisionists.

The sole purpose of "The Manhoodline Line" is to help men become better, instead of bitter......

Are you Man or a Male?

1. A man does not carry a grudge. A male looks for ways to get even.

2. A man takes every opportunity to better himself. A male complains that he has to stay where he is.

3. A man gives to his community. A male takes from his community.

4. A man is measured by his character. A male is measured by his sex drive.

5. A man is a protector of women in general, and committed to one woman in particular.

A male views women as chattel, and is not committed to any one woman.

6. A man is secure in his Manhood, and is striving to help other Men realize that same security.

A male is not secure in his Manhood, and uses the gun, knife, club or pipe to tear down other individuals.

7. A man has established a firm relationship with God, church, and other godly men.

A male uses the church for his own gain, shuns godly council and training, and seeks God only when trouble comes.

Mike Ramey

Ramey is a syndicated columnist, minister and journalist and his monthly column has nearly 2 million readers across the US, Canada, and the Bahamas. Letters Welcome from friend or foe alike. Drop a line to The Manhood Line, c/o Mike Ramey, PO Box 20131, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220 or email Copyright 2000 Barnstorm Communications (11)

January 2001
Good Question.

A male has to grow as he encounters.

I consider myself a Man.
I retain my Male perspective.
Something that should not be lost, but adjusted
To encompass the new roles a Man finds he faces.

A Man will not sabotage a relationship on purpose
A Male will not make a relationship on purpose

A Man will know that a woman is good for him and use
A male will think all women are good for him to use
mike use to post on this site....
as a matter of fact i think he created a thread with these
same questions on it....

i try not to let others define my manhood....
point blank...if u handle ur bizness then ur a man....
if u don't then ur still a boy imho.....

one love


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