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Sep 27, 2005
the baggage of self hate is not easily dissolved.

The problem was and still is, Black folks simply just don't trust each other, etc. It seems that after all that mental and physical suffering while fighting hard to win our constitutional social freedoms during slavery and via those civil rights days, Black Americans just apparently committed suicide, by turning their hatreds and gun violence towards each other, etc. We just can't seem to come together collectively and work together to solve our many social issues, etc. We have forgotten the three "C's" etc. Choice, Chance, & Change. Together we must make the 'Choice", to take the "Chance", if we want anything to "Change."" Black people/African Americans, have very self established Black Support Groups, that really carries an impact in dealing with Community, etc. Black situations, issues, etc. Yet we as a ethnic race group spends billion of dollars in this economy, etc. And even most of this is spend outside of our very own communities, etc. Our problems are vast and we have actually failed at addressing most of them, or none of them at all. etc. Sure there are a few groups here and there trying to do their best by working within our many black neighborhoods/ communities and our youth, etc. Yet, it's as if 300 plus years of slavery has impacted black people to tis very day, etc. We can't even stop calling each other the "N" word etc. it's a part of our dialect, etc. And it will remain as such, etc. Can it be that all those civil right's figures died for nothing, all those (thousands of Black folks) that were tortured and lynched, died for nothing, after all we never saw their fears nor felt their pains, etc. The answer to your question in my view, "is no we are not together as we a ethnic group of people ought to be, etc." Just look around you, and you'll have your answer. "SwagII"


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May 26, 2019
How many more years will it take for Black People to fully understand that often we are our :argue: worst enemy, etc. Sure many of us talk a good political and or civil rights unity game, etc. There is far too much hate and discord among our Black /African American, people against each other, etc. Still we complain about Caucasians using the "N-Word" etc., yet that that "N-Word" drips from our lips as a description of ("black people") on a hourly, daily basis etc. It's daily our :facepalm:description of ourselves that we just can't let go of, etc. Say what you want, think what you will, it's the truth! It seems that after our elders, and those gone before us, fought and were murdered by Caucasians, often being hanged and or tortured openly and with impunity from the law, etc. What have we learned? Very little in my views, etc. Question: Why are we the ones whether as rappers, comedians, etc. still calling or referring to each other using that dreaded "N-Word" that all of you claim to hate white folk for using, etc.? There is surly no real need to:gossip: mock me, etc. "Just explain this continued need for Black Individuals to refer to themselves as a word you claim to hate on white/Caucasians folk for saying?" This time lets hear the real truth!


Jan 27, 2020
In a way we are disconnected....but also disconnected from our forefathers, their value systems, their world view....not that it was all perfect or correct, but unlike everyone else that still honors and retains symbols and ways of their own, we black people largely do not.....

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