Black People : Are we at the table about the Afghan escalation or finance reform?

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    How many young folks will be in jail when the dollar falls, for selling or shooting Afghani white?
    How many of our sons and daughters may be drafted to fight in Afghanistan fo lithium?

    Are we at the table about the surge?
    does our voice count in this?
    or just the Military Industrial Complex?

    How many Black folks are loseing jobs, homes, apartments, pensions, and life savings from the debacle created by deriitives and an all powerful Federal Reserve?

    Are we at the table about the reform?
    does our voice count o this?
    or just the voice of the big moneyed lobbyists that were supposed to have been made illegal in Washington?

    the government that is run by corporate power and the war machine,
    without any oversight by it's citizenry
    is the text book definition of Fascism.

    Sojourner Truth
    Nat Turner
    Frederick Duglass
    Booker T
    Noble Drew Ali
    Arthur Schomberg
    Elijah Muhammed
    Fannie lou Hamer
    Claude Anderson
    Randal Robertson

    All realized that every and any policy of a nation,

    that is detrimental to that nation,
    opresses those who are opressed in that nation,

    before anyone else,
    and as the results show,
    does so as a form of genocide