Black Poetry : Are Watching No Doubt

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
society is watching i'm not lying got some fish for frying

my mind is a socially wandering wizard in a blizzard

got this rap game locked yet homeboy says I think a lot

from a young G looking up in the stars i formed bars

fire, blowin up fire, rising higher for your desire

got these freaks in the sheets flirting with pillows cause it got bullet holes

intellectual, presentable & monumental bust up the beat to increase the fat tempo

There watching to see you **** up & then count to the number ten its over

flatten them with my pen formed mic in my hand you all understand

words can curse and words can heal some jokers insists its no big deal

yet when you get behind the squeeky wheel it becomes a force field

Bahamas for your momma out working a tan you understand

now I'm going gangster sorry but to thank her some say **** the police

but who are they any way while i bow my head down to pray false decay

got some storms in the night you see where demons like to fight me sounds a bit crazy

no i ain't lazy my own pappy was in the Navy he brave you see while i work on my degree

you see its so confidential I best be left residential inside my hole

some come to kill steal & destroy but that's their chief aim the ploy

just like a girl and a boy surfing in the ocean sipping on some magic potion

I ain't joking rap can be a catastrophe you see got to keep your eyes on thee

special, set apart & ordained inside the flame

working on the game from Rex in the flex you forget we ever met

Ever since you saw the movie Saw 2 you said that we were through

in other words you got your mind on your money then your money's on your mind

let's move a head face full of lead its the walking dead

in this country where in God we trust faith is a must

but i'm just a ghost writer in this rap scene where ******* scream while eating ice cream

foam on their mouth the love to ***** and pout cause you know what sex is all about

There watching no doubt looking to see you shine then its time to kiss some fat behind

when your in your crib treasuring your dig there even looking then

surfing on the internet you can just bet there on it to sifting like glue

but this is nothing knew its all been done before we got the story board waxed

super big mac giving you a heart attack got a legacy to fulfill

cheap bills midnight thrills moved from the sticks to the hills

inside you see there is lava flowing just gotta know where the **** you going

flames of fire burning up to its fullest of desire coming down to the wire gun for hire

heroin is nobody's friend a warm gun that you can grow to depend

stay straight that's my fate working on the fish for my bait

but we got the cart ahead of the horse ends in divorce I'm still in trouble

make my Martini strong like on the double flirting with Fred & Barney Rubble

like back in the day we used to pray but today you insist it ought not be that way

Pac said to Keep ya head up so i insist this earthly bliss to roll up another joint

What's my ******* point ?

some say I'm suicidal but take it from me my life is in a revival from a hand above

nestled in the very perfection by his word as if you never heard

faith isn't intellectualized it just is don't have to be a wizz kid looking under the lid

all about choices in this game of rap now i tip my hat to the late Marvin Gaye

There watching no doubt coming to a theatre near you now I'm through


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