Black Spirituality Religion : Are There Living Decendants Alive Today Of Jesus, Mary, or Joseph?


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May 26, 2019
:talk:Has any living human-being today ever claimed to being biologically a late relative/descendant, of Jesus Christ? Yes... It's said that Mary & Joseph had other children, etc. Then somewhere else it's claimed that these supposed to be sibblings were actually cousins, etc. Apparently Jesus left no blood line, etc. :what:What about Mary & Joseph? Didn't they leave a bloodline? Is there a trace of a living descendant of this one Jesus Christ [really not a last name]! Whether it be with Mary or Joseph. Btw, it's not know if there are living descendants of any of these bibilical characters! What about Moses? All of this is open to various interpretations, etc. Question asked::computer: "Are there living descendants [extended family] alive today of this one "Jesus of Nazareth", or his mother "Mary" or stepfather "Joseph?" If not, why?
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May 26, 2019
I have often wondered why not one of these biblical characters actually had any listed decendants living to day? Who actually was Moses and who was his family? Or was he born a slave, etc. etc. Mary had to have had a Mother and Father as did Joseph, etc. I guess their blood lines died out, etc. After all it seems that back in this time folks had no last names, etc. Why really was that? Joseph & Mary had no last name, whether single or married, etc. Somethings just out of place here, ain't sounding right, etc. All we got was, lets say, "Moses." no last name? That means that millions of people living in that Region of the world back in Jesus's time had no last names! And I right? If i asked what family Mary or Joseph came from, what response would I get? Now somebody tell us why folks had no last names back then, but got them now! What did they do after Christ, just pull last names out of some Palestine hat? That's a tough one....


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May 26, 2019
Who among the living today are descendants of Mary & Joseph which would make them kin to Jesus? There had to be a bloodline, etc. Or this means that all of this was just fable. A made up story, as one would ask who are descendants of Adam & Eve, Cain & Able? Who are their today's descendants? Have anyone came ever came forward?


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May 26, 2019
Some questions are tough whereas one has no answer, etc. Just as nobody knows who are are descendants of any of those Bible scriptured characters, etc. There were no descendants of Cain & Able recognized today or who have came forward, etc. Why? Because it's just a Hebrew/Jewish Fable story from a time long ago that that was awash in gods & demons, and magic, etc. Of course our origins are surrounded with mystery, etc. We simple don't know the things we claim this God creator created, etc. Man assigned our origins to this mystical God, etc. It made it all easier to explain! We just say, "God created it all!" That's the end of explaining anything. And that's the truth! SwagII out...

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