Black People : Are Somali Women Africa's Most Beautiful?

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Sep 29, 2005
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The irony of this thread is that many Somali women are not naturally light skinned. There is a similar problem as in Nigeria and many west African countries. Skin bleaching at high rates.

I do not personally know any Somali men lighter than myself and they tend to be darker than most Ethiopians I know.


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May 21, 2014
it seems the girls I meet from Africa,which has been limited . but even on television seem to have less a problem with weight,than American females. i would love to see,or read more research on western/european diets,and it's affects on African people. Love Caribbean food,i noticed they don't cook with a lot of cheese and cream, same with sould food,although i stay away from pork,eat very little fried foods (although fried chicken,and buffalo wings are my weakness) the food i ate growing up was like greens,green beans,yams,peas etc. macaroni and cheese was most creamy stuff we ate.

have not had much experience with African food,but what i have I am always disappointed,not because of the taste,but it's so similar to African American traditional food. like i go to some African peoples house for dinner like yeah,I'm about to have some exotic stuff I've never tried,bets its going to be b;lazing, then they bust out with yams,chicken,and black eyed peas,them I'm like oh yeah,they is black.

But compare the black,or Asian,or Indian,or Latino diet (real Mexican Latino food,not Tex-Mex) to Italian,French etc. Lots of cheeses,breads,and fatty ,cholesterol laden foods.
ITs simple

Too much stuff in boxes and bags.


Oct 23, 2014
1. there are light skin Africans that are not mixed like my Congolese grandpa. he took a dna test and is 100% African.
2. Africans are genetically the most diverse people on earth


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Feb 9, 2001
that stuff you mentioned iswhat gives us dabetes, andheart problems,

that sage sausage, virginia ham , scrapple nd eggs for breakfast, grits red wax chedda and buttermilk biscuits,

then for lunch macaroni salad and chopped barbecue sandwich, and a piece of red velvet cake,

then for dinner home fries, and smothered steak, butter beans flavored with fat back, and peach cobbler with a hunk of home made ice cream

does that make your mouthwater or your arteries flinch?
Actually grits aren't fattening nor bad for you. It's what you put on them that gets us in heart trouble.

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Oct 1, 2017
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Actually grits aren't fattening nor bad for you. It's what you put on them that gets us in heart trouble.
Yummy, nothing like grits slathered with sugar. Only way I can eat it. Same with Cream of Wheat. Didn't have to do that with the original Maypo cereal my guardian would stuff me with in the fifties. I still shovel in as much FrescAveena as my tummy can take, just about as much sugar as Maypo too.

ING-hominy-grits-2-main (1).jpg




Hmmmm hmmmm good.

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