Black Poetry : Are red cake that be fed and ate by boy toys, your cake magnificent your hips Can make up the differ


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May 11, 2006
Wear a feeble bandanna in a legal manner never abandon
Life even after random strife pissed sometime temper tantrum
My Lexus a great ride so don’t abate my pride that’s how I get
Cake on the side make mistakes and collide with reality but yet
Bounce back, shorten my speech and broaden my reach a vet
At this, get to piss on trees like puppy dogs but yuppies fogs
My path, my plot strong but not long little length in catalogue
Brittle strength but clogs muscle tone get my hustle on, no height
But flow right this stuff even glow at night keep my game tight
Babble bizarre stuff and it travel far enough to hit pot holes but
They don’t stop my goal because I’m chief of rhyme with a cup
Of coffee for a brief time killing sluts softly not considered dumb
Meet a girl very soft wanna carry her off in my drop top from
The parking lot marking this spot with love, my grow fast and
Thickly and time pass quickly my task tricky a mask in my hand

To disguise myself may not be wise or deft, girls don’t like phonies

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