Black People : Are people who they say they are?

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    We all know that most people go to church on Sundays. Some people will even say, “They turned their life to the Lord.” So why is it that the same people who so-called “turned their life to the Lord”, is the same exact people who are on the street corner prostituting and selling drugs. The preacher and deacons can get up, testify and deliver a good sermon, but after church is over they let their neck ties loose and they are the main ones who are in the liquor stores keeping them open. Even the young women in the choir, they may be singing praises unto the Lord, shouting, and “Amen” everything the preacher says, but they are the ones who keeps Frozen Paradise crunk and at the bar sipping and buying dollar drinks. At times it can make you think are people really who they say they are or are they the best hypocrite ever?
    A preacher is defined as someone who is chosen by god to deliver his message/word. So why are the deacons in charge over the preacher and what he preaches. Tough we have a lot of churches with so-called preachers not everyone is called to be one. Most preachers go to school to learn how to preach, but it is not that simple. Preaching is a god given talent and not everyone has it.
    If you were to think about it as many churches that we have in Hinesville, Midway, Riceboro, and Savannah and all the people who attend church and say that they are holy ghost filled, Liquor stores and clubs would have to close because they would not be getting any business. The crime rate would go down and people would not be having babies out of wedlock. As you see church going people are the ones keeping the alcoholic and tobacco industries open and making them plus drug dealers and other unholy marketing sales millionaires. If people were who they say they are the world would be a better place, but what can I say people aren’t.
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    DREYAH ... so often we get caught up in what other folk are doing, when we should really be focusing on what we are doing as individuals. That's really all we have any control over and i believe, it's all God requires of us ... that we be real. Focus on taking care of you, being all that you can be, excelling to your highest heights. Doing this allows you to be an example to all the many that may not be doing the same. Inspire them Sister.