Black Spirituality Religion : Are both Mormonism and the Nation of Islam cults?

pfa1451usa said:
...perhaps men might show up and substantiate their position next time...

You have yet to substantiate your own, or answer anyone's questions. I suppose this is your definition of manhood.

It's alright though, because there have been many detractors (as most divine people who are doing real work face), but none of them have proven the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to be incorrect. I am still awaiting your proof. He once challenged anyone who could disprove what he was teaching with a reward of $10,000. As a matter of fact, I'll give you the address to send this proof to so you can claim your reward:

Nation of Islam National Center
7351 South Stoney Island Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60649

Looks like you better start studying, and if you do you will come to the same conclusion as those who came before you. Heck, you might even join :)


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