Black People : Are Blacks Proudly Wearing the Badges of Slavery?

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    Sunday, 20 May 2007
    Are Blacks Proudly Wearing the Badges of Slavery?

    Written by TBWT Staff

    Friday, 12 March 2004
    If you ask most Black people who freed enslaved Africans, the answer would be President Abraham Lincoln through his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 when the country was divided into two sovereigns. If those same persons were asked to name the badges of slavery, the answer would be incomplete at best. No race can enjoy freedom if it is unable to objectively verify the presence of its elements. Photo Caption: Alton Maddox in kufi. Photo by Herb Boyd

    By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

    Blacks in New York like Blacks throughout the country are facing challenging problems that are not being challenged through creative and strategic thinking and action. If you list the problems on the left side of a page and the solutions on the right side of the page, there would be more problems than solutions. When a solution is proposed, it amounts to knocking on the wrong doors, talking to the wrong people and raising the wrong questions.

    The ruling class has made it profitable, personally, for Black leaders to participate in activities that are designed to fail. Politics is an example. Blacks run for high profile offices to gain media attention and to profit personally from campaign finance laws while ensuring that Blacks will never occupy those high profile offices individually or through a coalition.

    These Blacks will also receive additional financial rewards after failed campaigns including a possible ticket to Hollywood, book advances, speeches, etc. Through voting, Blacks also confirm to whites that these persons are our leaders and should be allowed to sit under the table to pick up the crumbs.

    New York City is a classic example of a plantation. Blacks are as happy as pigs in slop. Any Black person seeking to end the badges of slavery will lead a dog's life in New York. In other words, anyone who is openly fighting white supremacy will not receive a regular paycheck from any source. These persons are also a part of black, male unemployment. Black elected officials and leaders are a part of the problem.

    Black activists are employed on the plantation to lead Blacks on wild goose chases. Officials of the Democratic Party are the plantation overseers. There are also slave drivers known as Black elected officials. You also have a horde of snitches and two-legged bloodhounds. Saboteurs are employed to wreck any attempt to organize Africans in the spirit of Marcus Garvey. Black preachers, generally, are white-based, propagandists or brainwashers. Members of the Black bourgeoisie are the plantation analysts and the Wall Street-appointed mayor is the colonial governor.

    I do speak with authority. Before I was indefinitely suspended from the practice of law, I was able to distinguish myself by being the first Black person in the history of New York to secure a court order requiring the City of New York to identify all of its informants in the Black community. This was no small feat since I had to actually prove and authenticate that I was not engaged in a fishing expedition.

    In other words, I was quizzed by a judge on my knowledge of informants. This required me to identify the informants while the judge checked the list from the NYPD. My personal knowledge of informants, in New York City, however, is not the best evidence of the list of informants. The list itself is the best evidence.

    The city argued that a disclosure of the list would make it impossible to control the Black community. This would lead to black liberation if this program were abolished. Stated another way, a destabilization program is in effect. The city's admission does prove that a plantation system is in effect.

    An appeals court agreed and, therefore, reversed the court order. No other Black person has sought this list, afterwards, and for good reason. New York City is indeed a plantation and there is a plantation structure which not only controls Blacks but also information vital to the liberation of our community.

    No dissent can occur in New York without a script. No identifiable Black in New York is seeking to reverse this deplorable situation. Black switch-hitters are employed to keep us in a state of confusion. This program employs more Blacks than any other employment program in the city.

    While well-meaning Blacks are attending rallies and forums, purportedly designed to address and resolve our problems, and are financing these assemblies, it is clear that money is being thrown away since the two major weapons that would aid and abet Blacks in stopping Black oppression in its tracks are off limits.

    Black leaders will never call for a city-wide boycott even though Blacks spend more money in New York City than Latinos and Asians combined or, on the other hand, whites. This will never happen as long as Blacks are unable to recognize a pacification program. We have the capability to bring this city down to its financial knees.

    Similarly, there will never be a call for a Black political party unattached, in all respects, to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party even though Blacks constitute the greatest voting bloc in the city. Activism in New York City means wasting energies and emptying black pocketbooks to finance our own oppression.

    All historically-oppressed groups, mired in oppression, share a common thread. They lack independent, well-financed critical thinkers. This is why our ancestor, Dr. Amos Wilson, devoted substantial pages in his book, Blueprint for Black Power, to think tanks. Our Black leaders are no more than political rappers and entertainers.

    The notion of think tanks had its origin in Kmt (ancient Egypt). Plato made this observation in explaining the greatness of Kmt. You must think before you speak and think before you act. This means expert thinking rather than lay thinking. Our ancestors understood that leisure thinking produces grand ideas.

    The end of credible and well-documented facts should not be the beginning of misguided opinions. These naked opinions drive our community with no appreciation for facts into a subservient position. At the very least, an opinion should be a well-informed opinion with logic being a connector between fact and opinion.

    As a member of the Black masses, it is time for you to act. If the Black masses continue to play possum, assassinations and jailings like those of Jesus Christ, Martin L. King, Jr., Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer, Khallid Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Callie House, Assata Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Jamil Abdul-Jamal, etc., will only escalate. Through inaction, the Black masses has in effect conspired with white supremacists because these courageous brothers and sisters had to take center stage with known death squads running amuck, to attempt to resurrect us.

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    very true statements indeed sister, however we must begin to Overstand that there is no way the tamahu,levi a than, those beings whom are response able for the current demise of black people some call it the spell of apep or the spell of reli gion to set up a system within thier SYSTEM that will lead to the empowerment,upliftment of the black nation to take place on the very soil that our ancestors called on home they stole through blood shed rape and pillige. The empowerment of materialism as being a supreme way if displaying worth has domainanted our computer system(brain virus) that now only makes computatations that will allow us to regain control of things that are ready ourselves as being a part of the whole.IN short we are doomed until we realize that the real ity of it taking place here without war is none. The tama hu white man or what every sound or vibartion will be denoted to them have done way to much murdering and killing,raping,assumilation etc to let that happen on soil in which they call thier OWN. I leave u in pease dear sister great Post. Hotep Wadu