Black Women : are black women feeling Obama???


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l was engaged in a conversation with two black women (who, for some feminist reason) have precasted their ballots for Hillary. When i asked why, they gave a series of replies, some uninformed- some careless- some contemplated.
Despite not paying much respect to online stats, a survey revealed 60% Hillary vs. 20-something percent Obama disfavor.
l would like to know from my beautiful black sisters here on Destee and to those sisters of whom this topic may apply, Are you or are you not feeling Obama and why is there a huge gap here??

Now, i bet if Tyler Perry or Jerome Dickey was running for Prez, All it would take is a play and a book and your votes would be unanimous.

what's up sisters and you better bring substance to this table b/c i'm a little upset.
maybe it was because the many womanized groups who back Hillary she did have most of them behind her .
The political arena is a game to some / and some don't care it's a question i love to hear the answer on !


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