Black People : Are Black men at fault for the current state of affairs in Black America and what do you suggest we

Eliott Morst

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Feb 11, 2018
the white man is the disease, the black man is the cure.....
that is not true and very very very :( ..... yeah the different and some of their ways get on my last nerve.... but they are human beings just like us melenated people..... that idealogy is actually the "virus" that keeps us down..... not a good look bro

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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there are so many......but rather than "nitpick".....just know that i dont buy the "victimology" thing.....we are responsible for ourselves and what happens to us individually and collectively is on us...not "them'

i am just focusing on social issues of the african americans.....we have been vicitimized but our plight can be eased via our efforts...

Hi @Eliott Morst and thanks for responding to my question.

In your direct post to my question, the first quote above, you say you don't buy the victimology thing. Then in another post thereafter, you say we have been victimized. It's an interesting set of positions.

I do agree that we are ultimately responsible for our own selves.

Thanks for sharing!

Much Love and Peace.



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