Black People : Are Black men at fault for the current state of affairs in Black America and what do you suggest we

My mother taught me to read when I was 3 years old. I remember reading Rudolf the Reindeer when I was 4. Then I was sent to a Catholic elementary school at 5. It was boring as hell. Then I stumbled across science fiction in 4th grade. My mother called it "something crazy". Neither of my parents gave me books to read while I was in grade school.

I have searched this thread and have not found the words "science" or "technology" or related words. I have seen MLK referred to as a "Star Trek fan" at least partly for keeping Nichelle Nichols from quitting the show. But I am not aware of any speech or writing of his mentioning science or technology.

White people are in a dominant position as a result of their having technology over the last 500 years that other people did not have. So now that they have the land we have to kiss their behinds to get a job to get the money to pay them to live on it. But read some books to learn stuff that they are not teaching fast enough and see how quickly you are accused of "acting white". But we are supposed to pay to read useless ******** like Shakespeare.

Were the Japanese "Acting White" when they bombed Pearl Harbor?

I bet that I have posted this book hundreds of times on Black websites and not one Black person has claimed to check it out.

Black Man's Burden (1961) by Mack Reynolds

As long as Black Americans have this anti-reading culture who is to blame? Do you expect white people to suggest worthwhile stuff? The schools are used to psychologically condition children to be subservient to authority. They are hiding information from each other.

The Screwing of the Average Man (1974) by David Hapgood

Thanks for sharing. I almost missed the link to the book available online for free :

One black person has now claimed to check it out, and plans on reading it too ... :read:


most of sci fi is written by white men........
Most white men are not very smart.

A significant percentage of writers of real science fiction do not fit into the "normal" category.

If you want to just have an emotional reaction to white skin and not analyze beyond that then that is your prerogative.

Actually the very first science fiction book I read was about racism. It is in the public domain now. Nourse was white and a doctor. He wrote about heart transplants a decade before the first successful one.

Star Surgeon (1959) by Alan E. Nourse

most of sci fi is written by white men........
I read Octavia Butler's Wild Seed back in the 80s, long before this Afrofuturism movement started. Most stuff claiming to be "science fiction" is not really very realistic regarding science and technology.

There is what is referred to as HARD science fiction and so far I have not noticed any Afrofuture works that fit into that category.

Check out:
A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C Clarke

But an ironic thing about science fiction is if there are any intelligent aliens to invade Earth will they be white? Will their color matter? Will better technology be all that matters?


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