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    Jul 5, 2007
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    Are there any Architects/Home Designers here ?

    I use a 3d modeling and animation program and for the last few months have been making residential homes from various plans that I've accumulated. Now I would like to collaborate with someone else.

    I will email you some pictures of completed buildings if you send a request to: [email protected] , there will be several pictures so that's what you'll get in the mail, you'll need to know how to view them in your mailer.

    If you'd like to collaborate and if something does get done I'll send you the 3d model and some renders when it is finished. But I'll need from you, sketches even rough ones, if you have some knid of computer files we'll work out conversion issues. I'll have to ask all kinds of questions to pin down exactly the details of the project.

    Feel free to email if interested.

    Thank you,