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Jul 9, 2003
new jersey
The Four Principles:

"Ase de Owo Baba: All power is in the hands of the Creator.

This principle teachus us that we must be humble in everything we say, do, or think. There is no person or creature in existence that has full power over any situation other than Oludumare itself. It one thinks about it, there is nothing a person can do on their own without some type of assistance from someone or something else. In order to simply stay alive we need the animals, plants, insects, trees, birds, etc... By being humble we maintain the balance that is necessary for all of Olodumare's creations to survive and live in peace.

*Suuru ni Baba Iwa: Patience is the father of character.

This principle speaks of taking the time to think about everything we say or do before acting. Before doing or saying anything one must always think about the ramifications of ones' actions so as not to negatively affect oneself or another.

*Otito O'dodo: Speak truth and do good.

For us at the temple Ifa is the truth. Through Ifa Olodumare gives us the guidlines to live in complete harmony with everything in existence. Ifa teaches us what is good and what exactly is truth. Living in a world full of illusions that we ourselves create, it is sometimes difficult to discern what is good and what exactly is truth.

While visiting and elder here in California, he told us a story about one of his trips to Nigeria. He told us that before coming back to the United States, he asked one of the Babalawos he was studying with, what should he tell those who practice Ifa in the diaspora. The Babalawo responded by saying, "Tell them to please call the color red, red and the color black, black".

*Olodumare ni Idajo: Judgement is in the hands of God.

This principle teaches us that out of the many duties that all of us have while here in Aiye (Earth), judging others is not one of them. Judgement is left to Olodumare itself. All of us have tasks and duties to accomplish while here. Let's not waist our own time gossiping and talking about others, trying to force others to believe what we believe, or judging others for mistakes done. Let's learn from our mistakes and focus on the work needed to bring balance into our lives. Instead of telling someone how they should act and behave. Show them and lead through example!!! Actions speak louder than words!!!


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