Black People : Approaching The Point of No Return

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    *From the Ramparts*
    Junious Ricardo Stanton
    *Approaching The Point of No Return
    Someone once asked Neely Fuller if all white people were racists.
    Fuller responded it didn’t make any difference because those whites who are racist are far more powerful and better organized than those who profess not to be. In 2002 millions of Westerners around the world demonstrated for peace in a futile attempt to convince the real Axis of Evil England-AmeriKKKa and Israel not to launch an invasion of Iraq. Alas in 2003 the fascist warmongers were more powerful and better organized than those whites who professed they desired peace. The corporate media served as cheerleaders and stenographers for the Bu$h administration’s lies about WMD and terrorism which they used as a pretext to justify their carnage. As the warmongers initiated another AmeriKKKan imperialist invasion of yet another nation that lacked the military capability to defend itself against AmeriKKKan aggression (Haiti and Afghanistan being the two previous countries) US citizens stood by and allowed their government to invade yet another country that posed no threat to the US which had done nothing to threaten AmeriKKKa’s security.

    Here we are four years later after over 600,000 Iraqis have been brutally murdered by war crimes (the US “shock and awe” attack on Baghdad which murdered numerous innocent civilians, the needlessly devastating assault on Fallujah), wanton collateral damage, ruthless and heavy handed military assaults, covert black ops, the shame and horrors of US behavior at Abu Ghraib and other facilities; for what? What has AmeriKKKa gained from any of this? The US has bankrupted itself morally as well as financially as a cunningly fiendish Zionist/NeoCon cabal manipulated the Anglo-AmeriKKKan military industrial imperialist machine into chalking another notch on its Neo-colonial gun and carry out an agenda favorable only to Israel and a few corporations. The masses of AmeriKKKans have not benefited from any of this, we are weary of perpetual war and the bogus War on Terror, the endless casualties, lies and tricks. AmeriKKKa is looking more like Nazi Germany in ‘39 as the Bu$h regime invaded Iraq and intensified the police state at home gutting the US Bill of Rights and Constitution. In so doing, Bu$h makes Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon look like Boy Scouts or choir boys. White AmeriKKKa is fast approaching (of they have not already passed it) the point of no return, a point when AmeriKKKa becomes a hideous monster and ravaging threat to world peace and stability. It is ironic, AmeriKKKa is now seen around the world as far worse than the psychopathic monstrosities the AmeriKKKa mind control apparatus has depicted its enemies and ideological rivals as. /“ In increasing numbers, people around the globe resent American power and wealth and reject specific actions like the occupation of Iraq and the campaign against democratically elected Palestinian leaders, in-depth international polling shows. Analysts say America's image problem is pervasive, deep and perhaps permanent, an inevitable outcome of being the world's only superpower. But there is worse news. In the past, while Europeans, Asians and Arabs might have disliked American policies or specific U.S. leaders, they liked and admired Americans themselves.Polls now show an ominous turn. Majorities around the world think Americans are greedy, violent and rude, and fewer than half in countries like Poland, Spain, Canada, China and Russia think Americans are honest.

    ‘We found a rising antipathy toward Americans,’ said Bruce Stokes of the Pew Global Attitudes Project, which interviewed 93,000 people in 50 countries over a four-year span. The dislike is accelerating among youths, Stokes said. For instance, 20 percent of Britons under age 30 have an unfavorable opinion of Americans, double the percentage of 2002.” / World opinion of U.S. sinking Dislike of everything American on the rise Wednesday, May 17, 2006 By David Wood Newhouse News Service

    Not only don’t the people of the world approve of US foreign policies, more and more astute people feel the AmeriKKKan government itself is the prime culprit. /“The global view of the United States’ role in world affairs has significantly deteriorated over the last year according to a BBC World Service poll of more than 26,000 people across 25 different countries. As the United States government prepares to send a further 21,500 troops to Iraq, the survey reveals that three in four (73%) disapprove of how the US movernment has dealt with Iraq. The poll shows that in the 18 countries that were previously polled, the average percentage saying that the United States is having a mainly positive influence in the world has dropped seven points from a year ago--from 36 percent to 29 percent—after having already dropped four points the year before. Across all 25 countries polled, one citizen in two (49%) now says the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world. Over two-thirds (68%) believe the US military presence in the Middle East provokes more conflict than it prevents and only 17 percent believes US
    troops there are a stabilizing force. The poll shows that world citizens disapprove of the way the US government has handled all six of the foreign policy areas explored. After the Iraq war (73% disapproval), majorities across the 25 countries also disapprove of US handling of Guantanamo detainees (67%), the Israeli-Hezbollah war (65%), Iran’s nuclear program (60%), global warming (56%), and North Korea’s nuclear program (54%). Steven Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes omments, ‘According to world public opinion, these days the US government hardly seems to be able to do anything right.’

    The survey of 26,381 respondents across 25 countries was conducted for the BBC World Service by the international polling firm GlobeScan together with the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) at the University of Maryland. GlobeScan coordinated fieldwork during November 2006 to January 2007 (mainly following the US mid-term elections). GlobeScan president Doug Miller comments, ‘The US Administration’s recent decision to send more troops to Iraq is at odds with global public opinion that thinks the US military presence in the region provokes more conflict than it prevents. This policy is likely to further hurt America’s image.’”//

    Morally AmeriKKKa is on the brink of total collapse, as a nation it is on the precipice of a great abyss, the place all empires find themselves sooner or later. For AmeriKKKa it has come much sooner than expected due to the nation’s history of moral laxity and total disregard of spiritual laws. Someone once said, “When you find yourself standing at the edge of a cliff, progress is not taking two steps forward.” If AmeriKKKa is to extricate itself from its self-inflicted negative KARMA, more and more people will have to motivate and empower themselves to take the requisite actions to raise their onsciousness and live in accordance with their elevated values and priorities. This means confronting the government and taking matters into their own hands. Otherwise the same thing Neely Fuller said about white folks being racists, applies to AmeriKKKans being warmongers and psychopaths.