Black Short Stories : "appreciation"

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    Hi, Have you ever come to a crossroads in life, in love,or have you missed the road completely? In this fictional account this young woman has had it up to here with being the straw that stirs the drink,but her foil here is up to task. Again, it is fiction. I have some time on my hands,and it is spring time,which is a time for rebirth and love. Enjoy!

    I received the call around ten AM. I was told to be there in no uncertain terms. The initiater of this call was not in the best of moods. I can do this. I reminded my self as i drove to the "El Sid restaurant. I walked in and was shown my table. I was happy,but i saw a red convertible pull up and a lady get out. I looked around the establishment,and saw only three folks there at this time. I didn't know anyone and they didn't know me. This was important in case there was a beat down happening here. I practice the art of self awareness and my heart rate was up,and i was feeling a little anxious.

    I met her at the door and held it open and showed her where we would be sitting. She was wearing a very nice little sun dress,that showed just enough thigh. She had the floral thing working. She even had on some perfect flower body spray. I let myself inhale the scent for a moment. "The reason i called you over here is i have some things i need to get off my chest." My wife said.

    I was in a good place in life. I was in love with my wife,and i was okay finacially and was relating well with my kids. Hell, I was even having fun with our cats at this point, but i knew my wife was restless from having much of the burden of raising a family and taking care of her mom fall on her. "RG" did you here what i just told you? "Yes." I said. I heard and i understood. She told me about being there for me and her children.She told me all about suppressing some of her dreams for family,and before my wife could double up and put more fuel on the fire. I said."You have something there on the corner of your lip." I leaned over and closed mouth kissed at first feeling her out.She was about to say something,then i unleashed several rapid fire kisses right on the lips. She looked and tasted good. She had her hair in a nice afro style and she was wearing little glasses that made her look like "Pam Grier" doing secretary work.

    "You enjoy yourself just now? She said. I said."That was very nice yes mam very nice." I leaned back tasting her raspberry tasting lip gloss. I looked and saw what i was after,my wifes eyes are her perfect give away and they had gotten lighter than they were,before she entered El sid. "I'm tired." She said. "I know." I said. She was about to launch into something about being underappreciated or whatever,but the waitress stopped her by giving her a envelope and a rose. "23 years and i rate a "Stinking "Oone,before she gave me this beat down i alluded to earlier i pointed. "Over there baby." The waitress brought over two dozen red roses,which were in a pretty expensive vase i might add. She was estatic,and so was i. "I told her to read the letter,but i had one condition,that she do not cause a scene once she was done. My wife meekly for her said."okay."

    To my wife: You are the greatest woman no make that person,that i have ever known. Loving you is and will be the easiest thing i will ever do. Next to God you are my rock without you there would be no me. I need you like oxygen and when your not there something is amiss in my life. Sorry in our lifes the kids and a all of our lives. We have taken enough of your good cheer and unconditional love,so in our humbless way we have saved for you and your best gal pals :better be your mom or someone of similar age: a trip to New York at your convenience. When you get through with that you and your hubby will go just the two of us to your top romantic spot anywhere of your choosing. I have a valid appointment starting tomorrow and for every month thereafter to uptown spa good for six years! I have the keys to our dream home,and i'm retired now so i will be helping you decorate. The kids say go for it mom and we will help with granny so go on with ya bad self!

    I didn't like where this was heading so i started stroking a brown leg as my wifes eyes started tearing up. " Did you get to the part where i started talking about your feet? "I was about too,but you said. The only feet you were kissing was your daughters and you only did it then,because she was a baby." "Did i say that?" " Boy you know you said it." My wife said laughing. "Well I meant to say was honey i love you but before thine lips grass madames heel and toes thines must see thee wash. She was curious to see if i would do it ,and i was horny and the waitress was waiting for a monster tip all was happy in the end.
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    what an ending but it seem like it's more of this
    tyte story line