Black People : Apples Don’t Fall Too Far From The Tree

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    Apples Don’t Fall Too Far From The Tree

    “Debt and deficits: Whenever a Bush is president, private debt and government deficits seem to grow. Middle- and low-income Americans borrow to offset the income squeeze of recessions. The hallmark of Bush economics during both presidencies has been favoritism toward capital over workers. Federal budget deficits have soared because of a combination of upper-bracket tax favors, middle-income job shrinkage, big federal spending to hype election-year economic growth, huge defense outlays and overseas military spending for the wars in Iraq and elsewhere. Imperial hubris costs a lot of money.”- Kevin Phillips Bush Family Values: War, Wealth, Oil The Los Angeles Times

    George W. Bush the privileged scion of wealth and influence has been treated with kid gloves by the mainstream media. He is like a Harry Houdini the escape artist, every crisis, every scandal, every lie and misstep is glossed over, ignored , diverted or harmlessly spun to take the heat and spotlight of Georgie boy. Looking at George’s family tree and their history we see not just wealth and influence but an alarming propensity to be in the right place at the right time to make mad money in armaments, intelligence and shady deals that all too often cause massive strain on the AmeriKKKan taxpayers and citizenry. Four generations of this family’s influence have coincided with war, death, corporate and government rip offs and insider deals that would make most average people pause and say “Hey, wait a minute why are we electing these kind of people?” if they had enough facts to connect the dots to a larger picture. George Herbert Walker the current president’s great grand father made a name for himself as a financier and was recruited by AmeriKKKan blue blood W. Averall Harriman who’s family was connected with railroading and the Brown Brothers Investment and Banking firm one of the myriad firms that made mad money off of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. Harriman bought Walker to New York and Wall Street where Walker met his future son-in-law Prescott Bush the current president’s grand father. There are stories on the Internet about how Walker and Bush in their role as financiers helped jump start and arm Hitler’s war machine, by working with key German bankers and investment houses that sold bonds for the Germans and operated AmeriKKKan front companies for the Germans. In fact the US Government seized the assets of Union Banking Corporation which Prescott Bush was running on November 17, 1942 and the Government seized another company run by Bush Hamburg American Ship Line’s assets on November 28, 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act. Bush’s lawyers were powerful and well connected Wall Street attorneys the infamous Dulles brothers John Foster who would later become Secretary of State in the Eisenhower administration and Allen who would become the first Director of the CIA. The trading with the enemy scandal didn’t prevent Prescott Bush from being elected a US Senator partly because his daddy Samuel Prescott Bush had make a name for himself and forged alliances in the armament industry as Director of the pre WW I War Industries Board where he reacquainted himself as a business partner with the Harriman and Rockefeller families (William the brother of John D and later William’s son Percy) in the munitions industry. The Bush’s are well connected, you don’t get any more well connected than being business partners with the Rockefeller family.(Notice how most of the Bush policies favor oil, the super rich and international banking) Coincidentally when you see the Bushes in US history, you see war, political intrigue and the US citizens taking a serious beating.
    We are familiar with Prescott’s son George Herbert Walker Bush who was a Congressman from Texas, Director of the CIA, Vice President and President and how like his forefathers he made mad money on war and intelligence, by circumventing and disobeying the laws (Iran-Contra, Bank of Commerce and Credit International money laundering, fraud etc). Just like his grandfather made money on WW I and his father helped rearm Nazi Germany, George H.W. Bush set Saddam Hussein up and made money off of Gulf War I. Now George .H.W. Bush is making a literal killing as a major player in the Carlyle Group as his son George W extends and expands the AmeriKKKan Empire in an attempt to consolidate control over all the world’s oil reserves while using a massive imperial force made up of US military and mercenaries to maintain it under the rubric of a “War on Terrorism”. We can’t leave out George W’s brothers: Neil who made a killing on the Savings and Loan scandal as the family front man in the Silverado Saving and Loan debacle that our grandchildren will still be paying for. Of course we know how brother Jeb delivered Florida for his older brother by disenfranchising blacks in that state and baby brother Marvin has been reported (but not confirmed) to have financial connections to the security company for the World Trade Centers. No wonder Bush has been stalling and evasive about providing information to the 9-11 Commission. Really makes you want to hollah.
    The two Bush presidencies have this in common: economic distress for the working class, tax cuts for the super rich, massive deficit spending, corruption and war. Could it be the AmeriKKKan people are getting so stupid they will forgo the opportunity to turn George W out like they did his father. We know the candidate selection process and the elections are rigged, it looks like more of the same ol’ same ol’. Clinton was the Bush and ruling elite surrogate (major drug smuggling at Mena Airfield in Arkansas while he was governor) as president he punked out on their plans for US troops in the UN war in Kosova and he refused to move on Hussein in Iraq so they went after him. Senators Kerry and Edwards seem to be destined to play the role of the surrogate this time around. Either way the inner circle ruling elites like the Rockefellers still run the show. Not much of a real choice, one well connected millionaire white boy for another. Remember both Kerry and Edwards fully supported Bush’s policies. Like redneck third party candidate George Wallace said in 1968 there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Sadly the same holds true again.
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    Well, just many more reasons why I loathe George Dummy Bush. I like this article!!
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    indeed you hit major points here this was a great article brutha
    thank u