Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Appendix A - Sesh Metut Neter

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    Tehu=To measure Ti=Dual

    I appreciate this forum. Not many places where one can process about The Great Oracle of Tehuti. I have been getting alot of feedback from various people stating that the Metu Neter was difficult for them to read and that it had to many big words or heavy on obfuscation. Again , this is a good medium to work through some of the confusion. (Although Sebek can be a tricky one in these parts)

    This Appendix (after reading and meditating several times ) was and is very enlightening in regards to the invocative nature of symbols. It is amazing when I imagine the web of abstract correspondences held in an invisible akashic like state through the Sesh Metut Neter; preceding and concurrent with demotic and hieretic script. Egyptology would have never given me this appreciation in and of itself as a discipline. The Paut Neteru (when internalized) is like a navigational system of telepathic proportions. In my understanding , the initiate was guided into maa kheru and continuously incubated in the proverbial cocoon facilitated by the panoply of images and statues. There wasn't to much room for deviation yet the world of the initiate was not sheltered either. The pluralistic and yet unitary phenomenon of Neter was apparent in everything and duly referenced. The Sesh Metut Neter (and all of its configurations amenable to so called "Modern" phenom) should be a conscious,and silent, dialogue going on within the mechanical nature of mundane communication.
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    Interesting. I read Vol 1 two times and read volume 2 one time and T.O.L.M. once. I didn't think it was difficult and I consider myself to be pretty simpleminded.