Black Muslims : Apparently.... GOD DOES NOT speak English

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May 5, 2022
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of the universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
There is not a Scripture on earth that was revealed in the English language. Just peruse the front cover on ANY Scripture and you shall see the word: TRANSLATION. of others you'll see the word: VERSION. Now I must declare that the Book Of Mormon is a stand out but this only substantiates my declaration. The Book of Mormon is a BOOK. not a Scripture.

a Scripture is a written Narration of Allaah. which means that Allaah either sent an angel to instruct a SCRIBE to take dictation; or Allaah Most High has revealed HIS Word directly to a Scribe. And a scribe is not an author. Human beings are authors and authors write books. a book is a written record/account of ones' body knowledge and all knowledge is accumulated. Whereas a Scripture has a chain of transmission that begins with Allaah Most High as Narrator, His Words and the spaces between the words and the font used to pronounce HIS Words are dictated to an angelic being and that angelic being is then sent to one chosen to scribe The Narration of Allaah Most High.
Proof? Read the Holy Bible the Revelation chapter 1 verse 1. The first few words do indeed read: This is The Book that God gave to Jesus... but in the original language of that Scripture the word is Scripture [ Kitaab } not Book [ daftar ] .

The Torah/Tawraah was revealed to The Prophet Muwsaa/Moses and he wrote it in Hebrew (a Script he invented by Permission and Approval of Allaah)
The Holy Scripture/Bible was primarily written in Aramaic with some portions written in Hebrew. The Zabuwr/Psalms, revealed to The Prophet King Dawuwd/David was written in Aramaic as well as The Scripture Revelation which was revealed to Al Masiyha Iysaa/Jesus The Messiah.
The Holy Qur'aan was revealed in Al Arabiyyaatul Fus'Ha ( i.e. Classical Arabic - which dates back to the speech of Adam, Hawa/Eve and their children up until the grandson of Nuh/Noah Aram from which the dialect Aramaic comes) to The Prophet Mustafaa Muhammad Ahmad ibn Abd'Allaah 570AD-632AD

Since we see that there has not nor is there a Scripture revealed in English, apparently God doesn't speak English. Is this not so? The argument is sound isn't it? The point is beyond the scope of debate.
The word 'GOD" itself is the (Greek language) translation of The Name of Allaah.
Tell me, Has Allaah The Most High left our salvation, the salvation of the entire world in the hands of Translators?
Once upon a time there wasn't a Black (African American) person on earth that spoke English. In fact the English language itself finds its' birth in early 5th century Anglo-Saxon Germany. The same century wherein The Prophet Muhammad was born. Question: Why would Allaah state in The Holy Qur'aan that The Holy Qur'aan is a message for the entire world, a message that is only decoded/comprehended in The Arabic language? Perhaps there is something very special about the language, that has absolutely nothing to do with the people or a person, who speaks it. Meaning, be you Arab or Non-Arab, the language belongs to Allaah Most High. If a King doesn't have His own language, what kind of power does that King really have? If a King doesn't have His own territory which none can enter without permission, what kind of power does that King really have? In fact, if a King does not have absolute power over the resources of that kingdom, what kind of power does that King really have?
Mans' expressions of power are at best, Fleeting and dependent... Whereas The Power of Allaah is Absolute and Eternal.
Observe the following discourse:
One of The Names of Allaah which Allaah has declared for Himself is Al Maaliku which translates to King. If this is so, what is His Language/Speech? Where is His Kingdom on earth that cannot be usurped or entered by anyone without permission and approval? What resource does He Alone have power over?
The Speech/Language of Allaah is Arabiyyah/Arabic.
The Kingdom of Allaah is Light.
The Resource of the kingdom of Allaah is Growth.

Allaah created all things through His Speech. The first sentence spoken was/is " Let There Be Light" . This was not the creation of light as most would assume. This is the creation of THERE into which light was placed. there are two sources of that light: 1). The Sun and 2). The human nervous system. An outer light and an inner light. Two lights that never touch but are in the same place.
Light is the kingdom of Allaah into which HE has placed all things: The seed, The animal and The human beings. All three have not only light in common and cannot live nor move without it, but the one thing that expresses the ultimate power of Allaah over the seed, the animal and the human is : GROWTH.

All change is based on growth and none controls growth except Allaah. Allaah has established the growth of the mosquito as well as the whale. the man and the tree. There is not a thing that moves, plant animal or man, that controls its own growth and there is not a change that occurs that is not based on growth. Whether you change your mind, change your socks or change your place of dwelling, all changes are precipitated by growth or the indication thereof. Seeking a solution is an act of growth.

A mere 7 seconds after conception (after sperm enters egg) the template of the human nervous system is laid. The egg becomes a blastocyst, the blastocyst becomes fetal/fetus and from the fetus to embryo. But the first system of the human body that develops is the nervous system which facilitates all movement and movement is based on growth and growth is based on light.
Many surmise that darkness is the opposite of light; however, Light has no opposite. Darkness is not the absence of light but it is the distance from light because light is always present. You may be at a distance from light- the further the distance the greater the darkness. But Light has no opposite. Light has three stages, just as water.
Light as a liquid - Current - i.e. electricity (electronic is light with information on it)
Light as a solid - Plasma - i.e. atomical/cellular/molecular structures
Light as a Vapor - Voice/Sound - i.e. vibration is light moving through a physical object - like the voice moving through air.
The first physical sense to be operational in a fetus is the ability to hear!!

Allaah States in The Holy Qur'aan that The Holy Qur'aan is Light ( 64:8) , that the arabiyyah is easy to learn and remember ( 54: 40), that the arabiyyah has been sent to cause us to think ( 12:2), that it is Allaah that teaches The Qur'aan & Speech (55:1-3).
Al Masiyha Iysaa/ The Messiah Jesus is recorded to have said: The Kingdom of Allaah is at hand!
Now, what is more at hand than Light? And what can access the pathways of light moreso than Speech? A Speech that has been given to us by Allaah The Merciful, The Creator of all things. The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said: Salaat is Light.

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