Brother AACOOLDRE : Apostle Paul, the Horse, the donkey and the Mule


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

1. The first clue came with the letter of James satire of Paul as a Horse:

2. 2 Peter 2 equates Paul as a Donkey

3. Jude lampoons Paul by inference as a stubborn Mule

Add this all together and we find out this club is working with Psalms 32 & Proverbs 26

A bonus typological, (character based on another character or theme), enigma between Acts 9 with Rev chapter 6

1. Inference of Paul knocked off a horse

2. Eyes blinded

3. Scales on eyes drop

4. Hungry for food

Rev 6 we see a similar theme of The Black Horse with scales in hand talking about scarcity of food wanting to “measure” grain. Paul is equated with Hermes/Thoth. The eye of Thoth was used in the measurement of food called Hekat. In The Antiquities of the Jews Book 20 chapter 5 Josephus talks about a Famine in conjunction with a troop of horsemen who slaughter people

It gets even better when we find out Rev 6 horsemen was in part based on Zechariah 9:9 of the Donkey, colt, foal and war-horses. So like James, Jude and 2 peter 2 the allegory and metaphor of the horse is used against Paul.

1. The white horse= (Venus) of Conquest Paul was lampooned as a castrated Venus giving birth to a spiritual son Titus (666) by the Holy Spirit (Amen). The letter of Jude equates Paul as the Venus star also.

2. Red horse slaying men with a sword (Mars). Paul accused of killing Stephen/James

3. Black Horse, (Saturn)=disappearance of crops. Paul accused of stealing food and wrongly being credited with famine relief.

4. Pale Horse (Mercury) is the Roman word for the Greek Hermes/Thoth that’s dealing with poison food, famine. Paul is equated with Hermes as a liar (Acts 14:12).

Andre Austin is the author of "The Apostle Paul"

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