Brother AACOOLDRE : Apostle Paul Links with the Herod's (Arabs)

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    By Andre Austin

    Rabbinical Judaism was created by the Roman Emperors after they destroyed the Jewish Temple in 70AD to pacify and purge them against revolutionary disobedience to Rome. The plot was to mind-shape Judaism’s religious warriors into docile, tax paying students obsessed with legal minutia. Under Roman guidance the rabbis founded an academy for the study of Jewish scriptures called “The vineyard”. Rabbinical Judaism like Christianity superseded and replaced the militaristic form of Judaism all for the benefit of pagan Rome.

    Joe Atwill has a chapter called The Scope of Roman Planning: Rabbinical Judaism . This is in his book called Shakespeare’s Secret messiah pp 395-396:

    The Talmud contains a story regarding four rabbis, including Gamaliel II, who travels to Rome about the year 95AD to confer with a “Min”, that is the non-Jew, to discuss theology. Gamaliel II was the great-great-grandson of Hillel whose name is still proverbial in Judaism today.

    Gamaliel II grandfather was the Gamaliel, who was the doctor of the law that was instructor to Paul and the Apostles, as described in Acts 5:34 and Acts 22:3. The fact that the grandfather of one of the founders of Rabbinical Judaism was also a teacher of the apostles has struck scholars as notable heretofore, but with no clear meaning. However, again with the insights gained through Caesar’s Messiah, a sinister picture emerges. In acts Gamaliel describes the death of Judas the Galilean, the founder of the Sicarii movement:

    “Judas the Galilean arose in the days of the census and led many people astray. He perished and all of them scattered. (Acts 5:37). This Census like all others are for taxing purposes.

    Keep in mind that Jews equated Satan has entering King David when he took a Census of the people (1 Chr 21:1). So if the Romans did a Census to them it was 3x as worse.

    “Such a statement by Gamaliel II’s grandfather concerning Judas the Galilean’s leading people astray suggest that the effort to transform Judaism was multi-generational; perhaps beginning with the creation of the Herodian (Arab) Sanhedrin that Gamaliel presided over. Judas the Galilean was the individual who Josephus recorded as being a founder of the messianic movement or “innovation” that rebelled from Rome. Both Gamaliel’s association with Paul and his perspective on Judas the Galilean suggest that he, like Paul, was directly linked to Rome”.

    Paul tells his followers to submit to authority and pay taxes to Rome (Romans 13:1-7) something that a real Jew like Judas the Galilean equated with slavery. But hey Paul did admit that the Herodians (Arabs) were his relatives (Romans 16:11) who were ruling over Palestine for the Romans. Its no wonder Paul was seen as an Egyptian in Acts 21:37-38.

    The ancestors to the Arabs run through Ishmael who was half Egyptian/Jewish were seen as “Wild Donkeys” (Genesis 16:1-13). So when the real Jews wrote the letters of James, Jude, 2 Peter 2 and Rev chapter 6 they all lampooned Paul by innuendo as a Horse, a Donkey and a Mule. And you can read more about that in my new book The Apostle Paul: And the four Musketeers who opposed Him.

    "The Herods were not Jewish, but of Greek and Arab descent, and thorughly Hellenized" p.392 of Joe Atwill's book.