Black People : Apology and Forgvieness

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    Is there someone or many someone's we need to apologize to and ask them for their forgiveness?

    If there is and we do not.

    Why won't WE?

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    0 (God)+I (self)+It (Truth)+Is (Reality)=Divine
    People whose CORE use to Be as Divine as the Divine Perfect Night, and still can be, RISE and take back ALL that was stolen from you. RISE.
    HIGH on GAGUT (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) The Blanket condemnation that destroys lies and deception.
    You know, when the ancestors take over you just can't stop them when they do something (seven year old goddess Autum Ashante).
    Allow your mind to wander into the ABYSS of Infinity, and allow your mind to comprehend what you see. There you will be in the circle that reveals the Divine Truth, and that which is Divinely Real.(osiris)
    Afrika (us) is still Paradise in spite of Her/ (our) conditions.