Black People : APHRODITE [Afro-diety]; the African goddess

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    APHRODITE [Afro-diety]; the African goddess

    4022 BC-------------1500s-------500s-----Roman Empire-----------AD 1500s---2008

    Was Cleopatra the image of the goddess ‘Afrodite’? Based upon the time period that she lived with in, it becomes hard to prove because it was a time when white women were considered supreme over Hamitic-typed women. So maybe the movie makers of our time got it right when they did caste Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. However, by the time that the true and historical lady Cleo was elevated, the Cleomene league that her ancestors were apart of was very old. She committed suicide in the A.D. 30s but, this particular league, the Ptolemy line’ or, ‘the Hip-Tolemenes’ were in their height back in the 300s B.C. and operated with Alexander-the-great of the Greek Empire times. It was ‘a ying-yang’ system in which the Alexander Greeks [Macedonians or, White Greeks] operated in one region of the Greek Empire and, the Hiptolemenes [Black JapHeth-Greeks or, Egyptian-Greeks] operated in the southern regions of the world to bring the blacks under the control of the white Greeks. It was a time that led to, the Period of Helenization, a repeat of the time since the legend of ‘Helen-of-Troy’ and the downfall of the first Macedonian system [Mycenae or, Macenae]. Mycenae was at its height in the 1500s B.C. and it had been over a thousand years since the white Greek world was able to form their white supreme system again, a time that began around the 500s B.C. with the rise of Athens in Southern Greece. By the 300s B.C., Alexander-the-great had risen and the Egyptian-Greeks helped him achieve great heights. So, by the time that Cleopatra became depended upon by the Romans to secure Egypt, it had been more than 300 years since her ancestors had risen and, she may have been watered down from an African-typed woman to have a white woman’s appearance. Nonetheless, it was by the process of ‘Democracy’ that she did evolve. For this reason, ancient Black History has been subdued.

    The origins behind the idol and images of aboriginal (black) Seth and Hamitic-typed women in pagan systems goes way back in time and, due to some dark and negative history concerning significant acts and deeds done by some black women of the distant past, it becomes a ground that should be tread with caution and respect. However, to believe that all significant ancient Black women were the first queens would be one issue and on the other hand, to believe that they were all positive and held in high regards and, that they all had nothing to do with the downfall of ‘Black Freedom’ would be another whole issue and a great contradiction. If the past cannot be understood it will repeat. So long before lady Cleo was born, the roots of the goddess Aphrodite had already been supplanted in history. In fact, it was laid in one of the earliest civilizations in the world of which was West Turkey.

    Geography is very important in getting the understanding of Black History in the past. So to begin with, it must be understood that the original land of Turkey was considered one mass long before the birth of the Greek and Roman times and it was inhabited by black people of whom were idol worshipers. Thousands of years later and after the development of a strong pagan culture, the land of West Turkey became the inheritance of aboriginal Greek people. Like mainland Greece in present-day Europe and the Greek Isles, West Turkey was also ‘the land of the Greeks’. It was land that belonged to the black skinned descendants of Shem but by the time this land was ordained to be Semitic lands, it became the basis for great struggles, struggles that lasted for thousands of years up until our modern times. Due to an incredible early time in the history of West Turkey, a time when early black women became exploited as little girls, a wicked practice later evolved and has been shrouded in mystery. In this very region of West Turkey are the roots of ‘the rape and exploitation of little black girls’ and many other significant pagan customs that are practiced this very day of which are based upon the hatred that Satan and his government has against the Seth generations of the world.

    In a certain region of West Turkey, there was found a natural herb of the field in which became named after African-typed people of the world; THE POPPY SEED. This ‘OPIUM PLANT’ becomes the very basis for THE SLAVE SHIP ERA of our time and goes way back to ancient times when a major ritualistic ceremony was developed. The opium plant became ‘the number one drug’ given to African American victims of the slave ships in order to preserve their lives as they crossed the waters but in ancient times, it became known as ‘AN APHRODISIAC’ and ‘A HEROINE DRUG’ as it relates to sex and the rape and victimization of young black girls. This drug became so important in the trade world, it actually became the basis for wars, THE OPIUM WARS. This usage of drugs during slavery times leads to one of the mysteries behind African American dependency on drugs today. The history of this herb found naturally in West Turkey would take many books to cover but, the root word ‘op’ in ‘opium’ and ‘her’ in ‘Heroine’ [hero drug] tells of its origins; SERPENT. The ideology of ‘the ophis’ or ‘serpent’ has to do with the story of Adam and Eve and how Eve was deceived by ‘the serpent’. For this reason, the opium drug became associated with wayward Black women and later justified in the rape and exploitation of little black girls.

    Thousands of years later after the first civilizations of ancient Turkey had come and gone, A TEMPLE OF APHRODITE was built in West Turkey during the Greco-Roman times around the A.D. 100s and the ancient customs was once again revived. The pagans operated alongside of the Seven Churches of God also built up and developed in West Turkey and, the apostle Paul spoke about the sexual lascivious behaviors of people during these times. Today, this TEMPLE OF AFRO-DEITY has been undergoing restoration. Before the Muslims came to dominate West Turkey, it has been written that THE TEMPLE OF AFRODITE became notorious for whoredom, orgies and prostitution and was eventually turned into a Catholic church. But it was the Muslims that really did the ‘cleaning up’ of the image of Black women.

    West Turkey and all of Turkey had many ancient ‘Meggidons’ [metropolises] or, ‘ancient northern cities’ that were inhabited by concentrations of different kinds of black people. The truth concerning the history of Turkey becomes overwhelming because it has been hidden for so long. Before the Black Genocide attempt in the A.D. 1500s began, the presence of black city people in Turkey was a norm. Furthermore, Turkey [Anatolia/Asia Minor] would have been like a scaled down version of Northern America, a continent known for its cities. Ancient Black people lived in many places in the world not just in Africa, a deceptive notion presented today.

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