Black Spirituality Religion : Anything sacrificed for the sake of God was given to you by God only

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    Anything sacrificed for the sake of God was given to you by God only

    The other souls deserve love in a limited way only controlled by the rules of justice. But the Lord deserves unconditional love and kindness for His devotee. If you realize the truth by taking away the layer of ignorance acting as a stage of this divine drama, you will be surprised to know that anything sacrificed for the sake of God was given to you by God only. He gave something to you and forgot that the some thing belongs to Him. He covered you also with His delusion (Maya) so that you will think that this something belongs to you only. Now the drama of sacrifice is enacted over the stage of this layer of ignorance by which both God and devotee forget the basic truth.

    Now when the soul sacrifices the something to God, both God and soul enjoy the sweet love of sacrifice based on the concept of donor and acceptor. Realized scholars pierce through the stage of ignorance and find out the truth that the something belongs to the Lord only and the whole drama is just for enjoyment of the sweet love of devotion between God and devotee. If you compare God with the other souls who love you just for sacrifice of something which belongs to you only( in the relative sense ) and that their love on you is only for their selfish happiness only, you can realize the difference between God and your beloved souls and deservingness of God to your boundless love.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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    All things belong to the Father on High, most certainly. :) And it is great for a person to recognize that anything which we give and devote to the Father came from the Father to start, such as our own selves. All sacrifice which we give to the Most High was His before it was ever in our ownership or company. One can see this with the Holy Lamb of the Father. He belongs to the Father, but the Father gave His Son to us so that we might have a Savior to bring us salvation by the sacrifice of His body for our sins on the tree. He brought His Son back from the dead to eternal life on the 3rd day and sealed our redemption forever in the Son's sacrifice, by us having faith in the Holy Anointed and belief in these very works which have been done.