Black People : Anybody Notice How Quiet It Has Become In The Streets The Last 48 Hours?

Damaris Sheldon

Jun 27, 2016
I just got home a little while ago from clubbing with my friends & with of course one of my older male cousins my dad pays to watch over me by order of my dad who mistakenly thinks I'm still a child. Anyway, just out of curiosity we drove around to some of the Black areas like Glen Cove, Freeport, Roosevelt, Hempstead & Westbury & it was eerily quiet, not the usual post club carrying on & hoopla, it was like people were going to work or something, nobody made eye contact with the police who were maintaining an unusually high visibility throughout the entire county, nobody was getting quick bites before they went home, most of the police cars now had at least two cops in them, some had 4 cops, a lot of unmarked cars were prowling about too, driving very slow & just eying everybody, a few of the cops who knew me from my dad just gave me a perfunctory nod, no wave, no hello, no nothing. My mom came into my room a few minutes ago very distraught & told me that some of my dads retired Navy & retired police buddies have contacted him yesterday & are visiting him later today or tomorrow with intentions of inviting him to join "Oath Keepers", I said mom these guys are racist White militants who threatened, bullied & harassed the Black protesters in Ferguson Missouri over the Michael Brown murder, mom cried some more then showed me some articles that clearly reveal that a number of retired & on duty Black military veterans & retired Black policemen are now members of this group. I just went on their website & what my mom said is true. they actually have numerous Black members giving testimony as to the benefit of belonging to this whatever it claims to be, I don't feel too good about this, I personally feel an attempt to foster treason against my race is afoot here so later today I going to start contacting my family & we need to get together & try to see if my dad can in some way validate his reason for aligning himself with something like this, this, all of this what's happened in the last 96 hours in America is not good, not good at all.


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May 7, 2011
If it has black members in it which obviously it does, would it still be considered a group with a racist agenda? You decide.

Better to join a group like the Huey P. Newton gun club, than if you are black

History of Policing in the United States (Link)

In the Southern states the development of American policing followed a different path. The genesis of the modern police organization in the South is the "Slave Patrol" (Platt 1982). The first formal slave patrol was created in the Carolina colonies in 1704 (Reichel 1992). Slave patrols had three primary functions: (1) to chase down, apprehend, and return to their owners, runaway slaves; (2) to provide a form of organized terror to deter slave revolts; and, (3) to maintain a form of discipline for slave-workers who were subject to summary justice, outside of the law, if they violated any plantation rules. Following the Civil War, these vigilante-style organizations evolved in modern Southern police departments primarily as a means of controlling freed slaves who were now laborers working in an agricultural caste system, and enforcing "Jim Crow" segregation laws, designed to deny freed slaves equal rights and access to the political system.


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Nov 2, 2009
theory to application to discussion to percussion
independent thoughtist thinker, context linker

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