Black Spirituality Religion : Any way to make amends for negative "karmic" energy?

You are.........

Already on your correcting the wrongs you have done ....just by realizing and fessing up to your deeds. If you have done a major booboo than you should go to that person and repeat what the wrong was and keep repeating what the right feeling is now and ask if their is anything you could do to make up even if you guys are not friends.

My religion teaches me to admit when I am wrong and try to rectify as soon as I realize that I did wrong. Time is not our friend!


Proclamation / Invocation

Greetings and Peace to All

I would like to share a ‘proclamation’/invocation with you all as it aides in strengthening one’s core self, recognition and forgiveness and a grounding of one’s center. If it has been posted before, my apologies for the repetition and in keeping with the heading of the thread, I post it here.

It is more beneficial when a few minutes (at least 10) of stillness /meditation/ breathing techniques before reciting the proclamation.

Hope you in-joy :glasses:


I [insert full name] proclaim that my life is my own
I close all windows, portals and doorways that would allow another to view, witness or manipulate my life as far as those energies extend. I choose to be well, whole and perfect of mind, body and soul.
I command that this reflect through all time and space and beyond between time and apace and through all dimensions.
I call forth all controlling and invasive energies I have experienced throughout the journey of my soul and all those connected with these energies. It is my intent that all aspects of their being and all aspects of my being, be present. I call forth the nucleus of the soul on all levels of consciousness to be present and accept this healing. I call forth all soul expressions, elementals and thought forms to stand before me as I stand before you in love.
I ask that you forgive and honour me. I forgive and honour you. I embrace you in love and I thank you for the lessons we have shared. I now choose to embrace all bonds between us into unconditional love.
Whatever laws I have owned, whatever beliefs I may have, whatever vows I have taken, whatever invocations I may hold, whatever contracts and agreements I have made and those I have made them with, that have allowed distortions, illusions, images, holograms, symbols and psychic messages that prevent me from experiencing rest within my being, I now transmute into the divine expression of creative love.
I command that all thought forms, energies, programmes or substances that have been administered, or that I have created, on all levels of my being, forming separations, distortion, illness or illusion within my being now be transmuted into the divine expression of creative love.
I call forth the totality of my being to be present and accept this healing. I command that all personalities and aspects of my being, now return to me to be integrated into my oneness, aligning with my divine truth. I acknowledge the journey we have shared, I command all programming that has taken place on all levels of consciousness, with or without my permission, that interferes with my ability to experience my wholeness, now be instantly reversed in its perfect sequential order, allowing my core essence to be expressed according to my hearts desire in a manner that brings me happiness and joy on all levels of my being.
I command that my cellular memory, my tissues and all aspects of my being now reconnect, integrate and align with my core essence through all levels of consciousness.
I command that all energy forms, on all levels of consciousness, past, present and future that create a response in my being, that is out of alignment with the essence of my soul and divine truth, be transmuted into the divine essence of creative love, and returned to its creator source to be a positive, productive energy.
Whatever thought forms or energies I have on any level of consciousness that encourage, cause harm or destruction to my being, I return to its creator source.
All residues I hold within my being I transmute into the divine expression of creative love.
All energies other than my own, I return in love and honour to their source.
I acknowledge the gifts I have received.
I call them forth so that I may see them and choose to use them according to my free will choice.
I proclaim my power and sovereignty
I proclaim dominion over my mind, body and soul
I have grown, I am empowered. I stand in truth
I acknowledge all those that have shared these experiences. I offer you the healing I have received.
I bid you go in peace
I proclaim my peace of mind, and the peace of mind for all humankind.

And so it is.

Ase Ase Ase

Brotha, the following is what I was going to say before I read your last post in which I see you have good understanding. Still I want to post this in order to address and re-enforce the understanding of all readers as well as to raise questions that I haven't seen being raised. Then I will speak to you again where I say Brotha.

we will never find peace if we believe there's a force or law that's gonna pay us back for everything we ever did. . And if it's trans life times, wow! We don't even know how many life times we've lived or what we did so how can we make amends when we have no way of caalculating our debt? How can the debt ever be paid in fullj when even while we try to make amends for the past we are accruing more debt for the sins of the present, never mind the sins we will commit in the future?

How can we ever learn from our experiences if we interpret everything as a punishment for something we did? We would soon see the universe as working against us rather than with us to help us grow.

We would not approve of a parent who punishes a fifteen year old for something they id when they were two. We would seriously question this parent's sense of justice. So where is the justice in a universe that punishes us for stuff we did in another life time that we can't even remember?

Brotha, when you were a spiritual baby totally caught up in your ego you needed the idea of karma to motivate you to do what's right. Maybe you are asking these questions now because you are at a crossroads where you need to go to the next level which is to do what is right because it is right-because we are all a part of the same universe and any joy we create for others adds to the joy in our universe. In this way our focus is on what we want to create not what we don't want to create. As long as you need to believe something is out there to get you when you do wrong you are no more spiritual than someone who needs to believe in hellfire and brimstone to do what's right.

Karma is a principle of the mind. It's purpose is not to deceive us but to instruct us in the principles of Ma'at in a way we can understand when we are at that level As a principle it is a good thing but just like with christianity it becomes a lie when we take it too literally and miss the spirit.

This has been a public service message brought to you by Da River


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