Black Relationships : Any profits from black marriage failures? Greater society thoughts...

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    So is it considered PROFITABLE not to get HAPPILY MARRIED and enjoy the fruit of each other PLEASING one another in the most IMAGINABLE WAYS in a HAPPY WAY.

    Is there any CONSEQUENCES with seeing relationships without COMMUNITY-LEVEL COMMITMENT and LATER without RESOLVE between the TWO, MAN and WOMAN in the community?

    Does the COMMUNITY GAIN or LOSES from these ENCOUNTERS?

    If the COMMUNITY loses then SOMEBODY or SOMETHING has GAINED what was LOST.

    That is the NATURE of the matter, someone's LOST becomes somebodies GAIN.

    Well that is what this AUTHOR says...

    Emphasis on BOLD outline something GREATER SOCIETY consider as DESTINY.

    The DESTINY that our CHILDREN will FAIL. Fail at bringing about EQUALITY which is a form of JUSTICE and being a SOCIAL OUTCAST making LITTLE or NO CONTRIBUTION to SOCIETY in which we find ourselves IN.

    I am not suggesting MARRIAGE is the ANSWER because some INTERNAL ISSUES have to be ADDRESSED and CONTINUALLY ADDRESSED.

    So the question is DO YOU FEEL FREE? Free to do???...when these FREEDOMS (CIVIL RIGHTS) were made by people who were MARRIED mostly and had settle it within THEMSELVES to allow us (CHILDREN) to enjoy the freedom to SHOP at WHITE and in some cases BE WHITE in OUTLOOK.

    MARRIAGE was still considered HEALTHY in those regards (THEN) but now it has CAST SERIOUS DOUBT leaving us vurnerable for SICKNESS. Even if you MARRY there is SOMETHING that cast DOUBT in IT for some ODD or UNKNOWN REASON.

    One thing is for SURE, GREATER SOCIETY already EXPECT US to be SICK. Whenever they see a BLACK WOMAN and CHILD, that is all THEY SEE. When they see a BLACK MALE(S) in a SUV ALONE with no WOMAN and CHILDREN driving around that is what they KNOW.

    Now that we have been EXPOSED, they now see our CHILDREN SICK too.

    Not able to OVERCOME.

    Now this is from a COLLEGE NEWSPAPER where YOUNG MINDS are SHAPED to RULE (becoming TEACHERS, DOCTORS, etc) or KEEP the PRINCES of POWER still in the AIR (the SYSTEM). This JUST CONFIRMS their INNER BELIEFS of KNOWING black relationships with marriage in the NATION. It also cast DOUBT in BLACK PEOPLE also since we INEVITABLE have to INTERACT with GREAT SOCIETY ways and EXPECTATIONS.

    Maybe a STAR can SHINE some light on the SITUATION.

    Will Smith has made a vow with HIMSELF and his wife Jada.

    But because of FACTORS we all cant be WILL.

    But we all LOSE anyway if we just want to keep up with the demands of GREATER SOCIETY even in our HOME PERSONAL LIFE.