Black People : Any Community Activists Out There, Help?PLEASE.

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    Where I live the social breakdown is broken up into geographical regions....

    A poorer working-class neighborhood next to

    A middle-middle class neighborhood next to

    Several upper-middle class- upper-class neighborhoods

    All about 90% Black--right now

    both the working-class and middle-class neighborhoods were once all White.

    the several upper-middle... were always all Black (until)

    So, over the weekend, I went for a run, and I was dismayed at how there are actually some streets in the middle-classed n'hood that look like 3rd world countries!
    In the working-class areas, I found the same...

    When I say some, I guesstimate that in both places about 15% ot 20% of the areas were in such dissarray. I also found out that where I live, that several White families have moved in.
    No, I don't think that anything is wrong with it; it is just that Whites in an All Black environment? There is a White family that has always been here, and a couple of interracial families, and one Asian family who have been here probably since the beginning... but that was it. I also noticed trash on some lawns, a cup here or there...

    So, my thoughts are one, with gentrification... so many businesses are being built in this area... and I see all of it as something that We-- meaning African-Americans can and should hold onto.

    The crime rate is very very low.
    The houses are well-built... in the older n'hoods...
    There are about 10 AAs who have built mansions along the roads
    And the irrigation is excellent... In my life I have not known at any time of flooding etc...
    The schools did have reputations, but all of them except 2 are being converted into magnet schools (just meaning money being put there)
    A lot of the residents have home businesses..Daycare, Tax Services, Lawncare Services, Sweet Shops...
    Big Churches...all together about 20 or more, I guesstimate.

    How Do I approach the subject of getting all the n'hoods together to talk about clean-up; because those areas that are in disarray are bringing down home values... I do believe that We deserve Environmental Justice-- in that We and Our kids feel what they see; I mean, one guy literally has a Junk Yard in his front yard!!!
    Who do I contact? Where do I go to get info. on a Community Beautification Grants, etc... or would it be better to do it as a community?
    Where do We turn if we cannot get homeowners to at least clean-up?
    Where do We turn for those who are renting?

    I don't want to hurt anyone, and my friend suggested that the problems lies with those in our midst who are on section 8 and renting... they just don't give a ****, and shouldn't have been helped.... I don't feel like that. How do I approach it.

    Do I go to the churches?

    Anyone ever did this? If so, can you tell me of your process? What not to do?

    Thanks so much. Any help is appreciated.