Black People Politics : Antonio Moore or Yvette Carnell discusion thread


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Jun 18, 2004
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i present videos. i am not interested in discussing the content.

why is that ?

in my time @ destee i have not seen people w open minds who r willing to consider another's point of view.
i may have been guilty of that myself. i know i have.

i have no interest in discussing anything with a person who has never ever changed their POV in any discission in all the years they have been here.

i post stuff for review. if u get it that's beautiful.
if u have a question or an objection, i suggest to go to the person themselves and ask them.

these videos r all on youtube. u can get at the people over there.



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Jun 14, 2018
if u have a question or an objection, i suggest to go to the person themselves and ask them.

That's my feeling as well.
This thread was made for those that think there's some debate about what Antonio Moore, esq has to say. To me weather I agree with him or not I'm not about to argue with his thought process through a third person dialog.
But it seems there's at least one that thinks that is what should happen. Not only that but it is always disingenuously framed as a question within their own mind. This is their thread.

So this note is for them

Is Trump Going to Prison?

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