Antoinette's Sad story

Discussion in 'Black Health and Wellness' started by river, Mar 7, 2006.

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    This is what doctors did to my cousin Antoinette. Don't let them do it to you.

    A few years ago Antoinette had gotten a false positive HIV test and started taking that toxic "medicine" they give you. That's when she started getting sick and was laid up in the hospital at death's door. When the doctos told her family that she had two and a half hours to live they took her out of there and off the medicine. She got better and I thought she had a clean bill of health. But Enony told me that even though the family knows it was the medicine not a virus that depleted her immune system whatever that medicine did was permanent and now she really does have AIDS and has to take medicine to keep from getting sick.

    If you find it hard to believe doctors would actually do this I have one word for you: Tuskegee.

    Actually, it's the pharmacueticals that are making the money selling death pills. Many doctors blindly believe that there really is a virus causing AIDS and never suspect the medicine they dispense.

    One time I went to a doctor to find out about some aches and pains. He couldn't find out what was wrong but still wanted to write a prescription for me. I said doctor, how can you write a prescription when you don't know what's wrong. He told me he was just guessing.

    Guessing?! People have died--people have had their health messed up permanently--sistas are scared of brothas and brothas are scared of sistas cause these fools out here in western medicine can only guess.
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    Have you seen the website, "Virus Myth?" It is an excellent source to view if one wants the FULL story on HIV.

    While I personally believe it is a real virus, I think our perception of it makes it worse than it has to be, along with the drugs they make them take. Technically, HIV does nothing more but weaken the immune system. So, if the immune system is strong, it is able to fight against it more.

    Also, there are a lot of people getting diagnosed with the disease that don't have it... this is especially the case in Africa. One of the articles on Virus Myth talks about how many times Africans aren't even given an HIV test, since doctors make 'diagnosis' based on their symptoms. This of course isn't accurate, because HIV symptoms mirrors the symptoms of other conditions.
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    I feel the whole medical establishment is based on deceiving people about what can be done about many "illnesses". Rarely are medical professionals and institutions ethical enough to offer alternative treatments such as simple dietary and lifestyle changes or natural/herbal supplements....all of which can make a profound difference in health in many cases. Drug companies can't profit from overpriced medications if such is the case. Also, you should read the research of Zears Miles and the information posted here about Dr. Boyd Graves.
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    That's crazy and scary as hell!