Black Poetry : Antisocial Personality Disorders The Freedom Bell Refuse To Ring

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    Antisocial Personality Disorders
    The Freedom Bell Refuse To Ring

    Within the mind of man the torture and horrors,
    that set forth a soul of a king.
    The traumatic effect that has
    altered the proclamation of a culture,
    reverses the response of unity.
    Within the roots of an ancestral dream.
    Lacks of purpose and behaves recklessly
    and promiscuously.
    The lynching of a people within
    the attempt to sensor size the
    treasures of the beginning and the end.

    Like the mind of a schizophrenic the transformation
    Of an illusion who am I ?when it is written in a book.
    Reluctant to save self at any course death by ones own
    right hand. The seal on the book no longer sticks.

    Boarder line personalities of a schizophrenic un able
    to recognize who one is. Angry an irritable moments
    treason within the circle of peace.
    The representation of boarder line personalities.
    Family neglect, abuse, sexual abuse, rage, countless murders,
    Children baring children.
    Transforming hair, body, sex changes,
    women and women lovers,
    men and men lovers, reversing the inner hate,
    reflecting a reverse response of the norm,
    hating God, and the inability to use common sense.
    Like a reckless engine that cries out loud,
    leaking from the damage consumptions
    that want regenerate the oppositions cannot be found.
    The results of a psychosis eating at
    the roots of a family tree,
    trick analogy subsided with rejoice
    Of destruction, breeder within
    an incubator that bares bad fruit.
    Genocide a program reject that continues
    to kill off his own genes.

    Biological predispositions that make
    them vulnerable to mental disorder.
    Criminal mentality that toxins the blood stream,
    relinquishing the power
    To think.
    Depression with a hopeless theory that things will never change.
    Reverting to a master who controls the robotic blood stream.
    That life has no hope.
    Internal attributions its my fault reversing the horrors,
    Blaming it on the sanctuary that brought it across.
    Self hate reverse the blame game it was the opposite
    Of self that one hate.

    Anti social behavior has claim a culture the brain dead.
    Characterize by a persistent pattern of impulsive ,
    selfish, un scrupulous, and even criminal acts.

    Depress people who believes that negative stressors
    are their own fault, will never go away,
    and affect all aspects of their lives.[/CENTER]
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    write it sweetie flow it
    lovin this piece