Black Poetry : Antisocial Personality Disorders, Ghetto Fabulous, The Freedom Bell Refuse To Ring


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.

Antisocial Personality Disorders
Ghetto Fabulous
The Freedom Bell Refuse To Ring

Without memory of the past to present, one will not
Be able to relate new experiences to ours executing
Stores of knowledge, there would be no sense of identity,
No history, no civilization of who we are.
The hypnotic transformation of the bionic slave;
The three stages of conformity to self;
To understand memory we must also come to
Terms with forgetting, why some of the information that we once knew
Is no longer available to us. Many of the answers to questions about
Remembering and forgetting who we are; Un relying memory of our
Ancestors and the struggles and the life’s they have given.
To break the curse of the slave syndromes a black state
Of mind; the elders have failed, the young no longer listens,
Because of the lies and thievery complicated by UN just call;

Control through the psychotic Fraud
state of mind. Don’t listen to the voices
in your head. Life dose not wait for you,
evaluate your thoughts.
The devils as he creeps within the bionic disk;
Each thought might be the end.
Confining the temple to clean thoughts
It explodes when the truth has a response.
Don’t listen to the voices inside your head.
Schizophrenic delusions, hating all
Including self, self destruction as
The voices take you to hell.
Defying dignity at any course. Never allow the
Price of evil control your thoughts, it will become the
slave master with the whip, and your soul will be long to him,
Hypnosis and pain control inflicted within the circle
Of a culture what we learn, what we think, what we think
The future will bring, under a hypnotic state of mind.

I The Words Of Thy Ancestors, I the words of thy ancestors, summoned by the spirits of thy ancestors those who have entered the rights of passage. I shall continue, to carry the torch; those who have come and gone. The lights that will never burn out; The voices cry from the womb, there are no greater weapons, than mercy and hope, there is only one peace, and love to thy almighty; Primordial wisdom and truce. Through the tabernacle of strength, shall render the capacity, of knowledge, wisdom and Understanding.

Truth to self, the memories, legacy, self sacrifice, to thy almighty God. Let thy wisdom sing as a wave of a rock shall ring the bells of deliverance; Resistance assimilations of the universe. Genocide by its own right hands; The mission upon the land of the lost. Death by rotten roots; Life is death within the spoken tongue, all things Band together an all shall connect.

I am not dead the voices cry beyond the womb. See the spirits of creations, through birth, visualizations of creations, through a microscope the dead is not dead, Death is life and life is death. The truth is in the fires of man. Breath of thy ancestor’s tree; I the resurrection of life; The seed you sow Is the seed you know Actions speak louder than words. It is not what you say But what you due. Is what I see in you; You can not dig it up; Your roots are what I see; Your reactions to what I see Death is death upon the rotten roots. There is no longer a spirit. Assimilation is a word, or action. My mission upon the land of the lost Path of assimilation, Voices cry from beyond. I am not dead/ Death of a Soul within its roots.
Nevertheless, the oppressor of self has induced it.
Taking on characteristics of destruction,
Only believing in the oppressors dream.

Life, which comes, inhibited the tunnel vise mind; that can only live
Within the power of illusion greater than self;
Attitudes acquired by the social needs of ghetto mentality,
Death to freedom is any hopes to
Empowerment of self-wealth;
Associate liberal attitudes in fringing of self.
The robotic slave never died, cloak
to a new world order.
Transformed through the click of a switch.
The control of a mind that refuses to conform;​
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Mar 21, 2001
this was very deep felt the realism of truth being spoken / written
soon the sound of the bells will ring one day !

very tyte & deep scribe sis.......thank u for this one .


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
blessings my brother in spirit these are the last days, if we don't get it right, their shall be no time, when we stand before judgement of our God.


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
you feel what im feeling this why i had a sudden change of heart. ive had revelations and its telling me. that Noah is approaching will we be left off the boat. thanks again for gracing us with the truth.:spinstar:
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