Black People : Antibiotic Resistance Could Bring 'End of Modern Medicine'

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    Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organization.
    Speaking at a conference in Copenhagen, Chan said antibiotic resistance could bring about "the end of modern medicine as we know it."
    "We are losing our first-line antimicrobials," she said Wednesday in her keynote address at the conference on combating antimicrobial resistance. "Replacement treatments are more costly, more toxic, need much longer durations of treatment, and may require treatment in intensive care units."
    Chan said hospitals have become "hotbeds for highly-resistant pathogens" like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, "increasing the risk that hospitalization kills instead of cures."
    Indeed, diseases that were on
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    It takes 10-20 years and millions of dollars to create their antibiotics. I think they just rolled out with the end-all; be-all at the beginning of the year. Can't recall the name, though. It's one of those '- iyocins'.

    *shrug* It's been in the hospital for years...but it does cause death.
    Handwashing and infection control measures enacted by the hospital staff helps....
    The problem could be further helped if more people would take their antibiotics as required....http://www.***************/albums/basic/thumb_smileyvault-dry.gif
    People are creating super-bugs.

    Anti-b resistant gonorrhea? Heard about it. Eh. Not that I don't care,'s sexually transmitted. So, hey - you can only do so much talking - so much preaching - about condom usage, low-risk sex acts and abstinence.
    If people want to ignore this and follow their crotch up and down the road, ANYWAY?
    What are you gonna do? I can't say much, really.
    IMO, this is downright...'Darwinian'.... *smirk*

    On another note, d'you know that there are people out there...who refuse to give their children immunizations? Some in this group believe that the MMR vaccination causes autism. It doesn't...but these people are adamant.
    Whole communities, even. Won't take vacs.

    Of course, I'd like to say, "Hey - do what you want..."
    ...but it's a health concern for all. These people put everyone at risk.

    Their children put those with weakened immune systems at risk. Firstly, these kids attend school with or contract the viruses/bacteria from their parents or siblings who came into contact with an individual who isn't up to date. No one believes in proper handwashing. So, the child gets Rubella (measles) or strep throat...and, suddenly, they're near death.
    'Specially if these children attend daycare. I don't even have children, yet...but I know as well as any that daycare centers are cesspool of infection and bacteria.
    The parents of these nonvaccinated kids? They don't give a pooh about any that.
    Secondly, there are elders, babies/toddlers and immuno-compromised individuals out here. (immuno-compromised =Folks with delicate immune systems) They are susceptible to illness.
    People w/in a community tend to be buffered from infection by what's called 'herd immunity'. If everyone stops rec'ing immunizations -->

    Now, you try to explain that to these people and you get, "Well...these illnesses have been eradicated in the US. So, why do we still need to get vaccinated?" <-- Yeah, in the US.
    ...and why do you think that 'these illnesses' have been eradicated with few occurences in the US, short-bus?
    People are f'n' dumb and...I gotta say: It feels good to be online under the guise of anonymity where I'm able to ... unload and just say how I really feel about the subject. *laugh*