Black Spirituality Religion : ANTI-CHRIST part 4

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    ANTI-CHRIST part 4
    Posted on September 28, 2014
    Peace and may Benevolence be your guife… This is Bulletin # 139… To acquire the full comprehension of this profound knowledge, start with Bulletin # 2: “Our True Origins”…

    This knowledge is not influenced by the view of a Christian, Muslim or Israelite, nor is this knowledge influenced by any secret society, cult or denomination. This knowledge is influenced by All of the Scriptures and related literature COMBINED, ABSENT of Religion.

    Continuing from Bulletin # 138: Anti-Christ part 3… The Anti-Christ is alive and gaining strength, but before reveling some signs of his presence … The following is necessary to be aware of… NowRemember Yashua (Jesus) told his disciples to pray in a certain manner in Matthew: 6:9 “After this manner therefore pray ye:” Our Father which art in heaven…” Meaning “EVERYBODY’Sfather, and “he’s” in heaven… So… This is another contradiction in the Bible… Or is Yashua (Jesus) addressing someone else as Father?… Meaning his BIOLOGICAL Father… And this point could also be true because he says in the same verse, Matthew 6:9… Pray “Ye”, which is the Archaic “You” meaning: This is how “You” pray “Our Father”. Yashua (Jesus) was the son of a “God”… Matthew 26:63,”and he was the son of man”…Matthew 16:13… So this “God” was a Man, because Yashua (Jesus) was his son, and Yashua (Jesus) also places this “God” in heaven . which means “to be inside something”, one must be smaller than heaven to be in it Yashua (Jesus) makes the distinction between “GOD” and his father in Revelation 1:6 “And his father made us kings and priests unto GOD “AND” his Father…” Take note that they use the word “And” means: “Together” or “Along with”… Thus separating the words…”GOD” and his Father, otherwise it would have stated: “GOD the father” or :”GOD” who is the father…. So when Yashua (Jesus) said “Our Father” it was general referring to the “Most High”… But then he speaks of “My Father” making it personal… So Yashua (Jesus) separates “The Most High” GOD from his father, a God of lesser status or power…

    Now, the whole point of presenting the above observation… Is to enable you to see how very real the Anti-Christ and his followers are… Just as it was pointed out to you the actual connection between Yashua (Jesus) and a Benevolent Being, A God… HIS FATHER..

    Now… Those of a Malevolent nature today… Have exercised their knowledge of the Dark World and CONNECTED with a powerful malevolent entity,impregnated a selected woman, that has produced a child in the year 1966, in the month of June (6th month), and the 6th day, this child is 48 years of age today…”They the 1%” succeeded in the effort to duplicate the circumstances like the birth of Yashua (Jesus), whose father is of a Benevolent Nature and of an advanced form of intelligence . The father of the “Anti-Christ” is of a severe Malevolent Nature, Prince of Darkness and despair… So, the Anti-Christ is a person, with inherited abilities that are beyond our comprehension, orchestrating the destruction and atrocities on the planet Earth today… (Check out the movie Rosemary’s Baby filmed in 1968)

    Question: How will we know the REAL CHRIST OR MESSIAH?…Answer: By adhering to Matthew chapter 24 and Mark chapter 13, which speaks of the signs of his coming…Now… If you are told that: The Messiah Jesus is a Prophet here on Earth…Don’t Believe it… The Prophet Jesus will rise up out of the desert in the East…Don’t Believe it… The Messiah Jesus is in a secret chamber…Don’t Believe it…The Messiah Jesus is a person you know… Don’t believe them.

    The coming of the Messiah is a very controversial subject, among the world religions… Why… Because each denomination has their own interpretation, of when the .Messiah will come, where he will appear and who he will be coming for….The Messiah Yashua (Jesus) is not coming the way the Christian Preachers have taught us, not the way the Rabbis have taught us,and not the way the Imams have taught us… The Christians believe that the Messiah is going to return out of the sky, with horses and chariots, with a Philharmonic orchestra playing in the background. The Jews believe that the Messiah hasn’t come, but when he does, he will come out of Jerusalem., Some Muslims who believe that the Messiah will come down from heaven, placing his two palms upon the wings of Angles and descending in the White Minaret to the East of Damascus…. However, he’s not coming like that… When he comes he will not come Alone… He will COME DOWN IN THE HOLY CITY or The New Jerusalem… As previously mentioned read Revelation 21:2… It’s sad that they insist on making ip these stories, rather than accepting the Truth!… If you read ALL OF THE SCRIPTURES COMBINED you will know how he will come, and the signs of his coming. No one knows the exact hour of the last day of this enviroment, and is why we were given signs…. To be continued… the next Bulletin: Anti-Christ part 5 The conclusion… Peace