Black Poetry : Anthology Part two (peeps read)


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Mar 19, 2001
Hey fam,

Several things:

1) I haven't checked my email that was listed as of yet. But, if you haven't left your email addy please do. I was checking everyone's profile and what I noticed was that it did not list email addys. Maybe there is an area that list this info but my brain is preventing me from ascertaining that in an expeditious manner. So if you could leave your email addy on the email listed or my addy it would be appreciated. After I get that info then I can send an attachment to everyone outlining what I envision as the MASTERPIECE. However I'll double check to see if I can find the exact info needed (in this case email addys)

2) If you have any title ideas let me know. I've been working on a few which I will disclose by Monday July 24th

3) Theme. I was thinking that the anthology should encompass various topics/trains of thought. If anyone disagree let me know.

4) If you know of any poets in the house that have not said one way or the other if they want to take part...encourage them!!! They will not regret it.

5) I will try and post a poll in the proper area to see where people's minds are regarding the design of book. I have a few ideas which will outlined in my mass transmission email on the idea

6) What I want everyone to do is put there skills to work for this. Do I sound like I know it's going to happen? My faith is strong and I believe in the poets in this house...mos' def'...(and besides my marketing skills are second to none! belie dat!)

7) I'll end here...I just wanted a number 7... :D

8) Okay maybe I'm not done....I would like to see at least 40 poets involved. Why forty because it would be cool to have at least 25% of our fam members get down with this (actually 65 is closer to an accurate number...but I think forty is more realistic)
If we get everyone cool! Then we could do a Volume one and two simultaneously. It would be nice to include as many as possible.

get at me



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