Black Entertainment : Another slave movie (Belle) (Black female British writer and film director)


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May 22, 2014
Looks like another film to remind white to feel good about themselves because "they aren't all prejudice", and another film to remind us how they don't see us as their equals, to make us feel like crap.

And it's promoting the "mixed race beauty" over black beauty, it would seem. I hate trailers like this.

I think the biggest injustice about this film isnt her looks because she actually looks like the real life person Dido Elizabeth Murray.

The biggest crime about her story is that its completely fictional. They admittedly don't know the actual facts about this woman's life. They could be reducing her legacy and influence on the Royal House and we wouldn't even know it because people who see this movie are assuming its true.

If you look Dido up on Wikipedia its basically detailing everything said in the movie. When I looked it up before some months ago in March because I was a little interested, it barely had much to say. The fact she has a turban on says something right there.

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