Black People : Another Shocking 911 Fact


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Jul 20, 2003
Therious said:
do you think that is possible? they could try it but would the ppl stand for it?

would the ppl of the u.s. hve support from foreigner gvmt's? how would we blk ppl defend against that?

The governments of the world are scared of the U.S. because it has the most powerful military on earth.

Black people can defend against this by exposing these satanic people in government. There is plenty of evidence that could have their butts thrown in jail if the right people pursue it.


Jul 2, 2003
I'm sorry SpritualOne

Please make this elementary for me. Open the link. Paste the exact link pointing only to the article so I can read that one only.

I really want to read it. I searched several of these links. Followed your advice. But I haven't come across the exact link. Talking about camps and martial law, etc.. HELP...please

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