Black Entertainment : Another Reality Show!? (as if we need one)

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by Each1teach1, May 27, 2008.

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    Do you watch reality or have you heard of the new reality show called "Dion and Pilar, Primetime Love"? I saw them on Tyra today. There were some comments on the net about this show concerning Pilars non black heritage, and how black women should be sick of men getting their trophy wives and then coming back to us when it doesnt work out. (their careers and trophies) Im sick of reality shows and why do they keep giving them to people that have generally forgotten about, dont know and or otherwise dont give a rats____ about? lol. I do like the "Run's House" although it seems scripted, probably like them because they are not all superficial, like say aunti Kimora. From the Kardasians to the Lohans all people who hang on by a thread to a family members fame just sucking the life out of what little that fame has. Most of these shows only superimpose shallow,dense,vainglorious petty behavior of these real life people. Although I have watched some of these shows for laughs, I hope they dont put anymore of these idiots on air, for their sakes...

    Heres a link about the comment I mentioned concerning Pilar,

    What do you guys think and whats your take on reality shows?