Black Women : Another question for the Sisters (Black women)

Ictoan Itkfae

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Apr 26, 2014
Laughing at you getting all hot and bothered that the convo isn't going your "scripted" way! :rofl: :lol:

Btw, like the "helpful" women you know, there are females on this site who do fall for the old trick, con, bamboozle.... but not this one. :11900:

Commonplace, trite, but, well, to be kind.... nice try. ;)

So why are you telling this to me? Why not Jam.... Oh! Right. He's a man, thus not so easily 'confused.' :10900:

Gotcha! ;)

No interpretation involved:

Your words, not mine. :news:

See the above.

Btw, I'm tempted to end this conversation here and now. When people start back-tracking, it means there's dishonesty afoot, i.e., that they have an "agenda."

Come to think of it.....

Conversation ended. :bus:

Sister, I think you need to see a psychiatrist lol

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