Black Short Stories : another excerpt of the untitled....a dark story

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    (Lazarus) so what is it that you seek or want. I don't like for you to beat around the bush cause my time is valuable. (Rosie) Mister, I jerk you no more. I heard you have the gift of restoration. I seek your gift to restore the life of my daughter I was told by a mutual friend of your gift, and now I seek. I just want to hear her laughter I prayed to God to not take my baby away, and now she has taken her last breath. I want to hold her in my arms, and tell her I love her. My husband is very distraught, and has been drinking heavingly. I want to bring the love we had in our home, and our daughter. I want to know Mister will you help me, help me. Sobbing uncontrollingly he extended her his hankerchief. She reached out and thanked him. What must I do Mister? (Lazarus) First call me Lazarus, and I am your friend. Your daughter spirit surrounds you, and she wishes to hold you again. Can't you feel her prescence. Rosie wanted to believe she was around but why question when she is seeking a help from a man who can supposedly raise the dead.

    Despite my beliefs I am willing to do what is necessary to see my daughter again. (Lazaurus) You doubt me with your thoughts, and your disbelief is clouding your judgement. Speak child let your doubting mother hear your voice. She waited for a moment and nothing. She dropped her head and begin sobbing about to turn away she heard, "Don't go Mother!" (Rosie) Vanessa that's you baby! Mommy here, mommy here. Baby I'm coming for you. Tell me what do I have to do Lazurus I want my baby back. (Lazarus) You got it your daughter will be home by the time you get there. Go be happy enjoy her wonderful life. (Rosie) so how do I pay you for bringing my daughter to life you mean to tell me this is all for free no payment. (Lazarus) You owe me nothing but your word to take care, and that is all. (Rosie) Nothing in life is ever free there is always a catch to everything. And all you want is my word that is what you have. Now do I need to tell you where she is at. (Lazarus) I know where she is at now go! She with tears of joy streaming down her face went to hug him, and she felt a nausaous sensation that almost knocked her off her feet. Once she let go she felt better, and was so eager to go home to meet her beloved Vanessa.

    You still doubt what I do I just have given a grieving mother her daughter back. I know your shaking your head in disbelief. Well all you need to do is listen as I tell you my story of be continued.