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    i love you cause you love me ihate you cause you hate me and i try to see things differently but i still hate no wait ilove thee im confused to many arguments stayin up late drinkin wit my blues talkin to the lord bout the way i should choose should i go should istay man im trapped and dun lost my way hell i used to be a playa stacked wit acold rap and my diamond in the back but **** some where ilost track you put a spell on me was it the cuteness of yo lips the browness of yo hips or just the way yo finger tips handled my tip yea i like that maybe its still some playa in me but i cant go back i rather deal wit you than these crazy hood rats no disrespect to all my real ladies but you know some of these millineum chicks is crazy you know but back to you,you know ilove u i hate you im tired of going through this wit you i wanna be you not in afreaky way but until we pass away you understand what tellin you i dun played the the game ieven look back sometimes feelin shamed from the things ive done wit five sistas my momma only son s*** i should know betta but the streets was callin like alonely miss waiting on alove letter hold on what im tyrin to say just wont come out im sayin i love you but ihate you only cause you hate me dough but you loved me wit dough wit out dough how you love me so ithink i know its the same way i found love when i seen you trampin through the snow i gave it achance cause of a gheetto glance you feelin me cause im feelin you is what are eyes said so we took a chance fell in love ghetto romance from barbcues to first apartments sweatin the rent is due im just sayin i love you and i dont wanna fight no more iwanna grow old wit a candy stoe and grand kids galore so im gonna say it but tell me you dont hate me i know you mad but will you marry me one love to my true fans i love you
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    very nice flow
    i felt dis as it run through me
    da hated love is very compassionate ...