Burkina Faso : "Animist Religion" or Traditional Spirituality in Burkina Faso

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    I've lately been on a search for the TRUE Indigenous religions in different Afrikan countries pre-Islam/Christianity. Of course, much/most of the information is lost or deliberately destroyed or kept as oral tradition or "white man's superstition"...

    But my Husband and I want to go with our three children to Afrika hopefully, prayerfully, by next Summer. We were looking to MOVE to Ghana due to its high English-speaking rate and the alleged "welcoming" of African Americans. I've been talking to several Black Brothers and Sisters here that have homes or businesses in Ghana and "go back and forth" from here to there....they've said some positive things, but also some disparaging things about the cost of living and the high amount of fees associated with travel. It's almost like they want everyone just to stay in one country! My husband and I wanted to just spend a few months exploring, driving across several countries in Africa. But we calculated the alleged fees for visas and other mess and just to go from Ghana to Nigeria round trip would be **** near $1000!

    *sigh* anyway....we just want to know how BLACK people are received over there. We've read blogs from white travelers who go on and on about the hard time Africans give them with being robbed, corrupt police officers and customs officials, etc. etc.....but we are Black. Would it be the same hard time for us?

    But really the main point of this thread was to find out if anyone knew what the people of Burkina Faso practiced and worshipped before Islam and Christianity? We were thinking of going to Burkina Faso as well, the only problem is that they don't speak English....Thanks in Advance for any information, Loves :)
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    Temple of Kali, Yubaland
    Burkina Faso. See the Mossi and Dagomba. Mixed system of so called Ancestor worship before advent of Islam.
    Dagomba people - Wikipedia
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    Greetings Sista
    I am living in the UK with orgins from Barbados. I have been travelling to Africa for over 30 years including Ghana, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Kenya, Zimbabwe and more recently I lived in Nigeria for 8 months. Ghana is a great place to start because of language and beause the people have more awareness than most about us in the diaspora. There are more and more people from US and UK living in Ghana than at anytime previously. The people are very welcoming like everywhere in Africa but of course they will see you as outsiders because you don't speak the language and with this comes inflated costs as you have been told. Accra can also be expensive, depending on the lifestyle you want to live. Ghana is moving up and accomodation is becoming more expensive so make sure you do your research or have a local contact. Driving to other countries will be costly if you drive yourself it is much better to hire a taxi or make use of local buses or mini-buses that travel across borders - the ride can be a little uncomfortable especially if you are going with children and have not experienced this before. You didn't say how long you are going for but it maybe better to stay in one country and travel around because Ghana is big and there are places to see and if you a planning to live there - get an opportunity to feel the country. You will have many chances to travel at other times. In Ghana the traditions are still there and you will find people who can introduce you to traditional customs and priests. Burkina Faso - if you don't know French might be problematic but not insurmountable as some do understand English. Not much to see there though. Hope this is helpful.