Black Poetry : anger versus happiness


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May 9, 2007
i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
In the red corner weighing in at 166 with a height of 6 foot 6
with white gloves, red trunks, and blue kicks
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT's Anger... "D***!, F***, S***"
and now, in the green corner weighing in at 169 with a height of 5'9
with red gloves, white trunks, and some black chucks signed
Chuck Taylor... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT's Happiness Peaceful, Loving, and Kind

referee says, "Let's make this a clean fight! No hitting below the belt. No biting, No elbows."
Any way, you recieved your instructions in the locker room.
"Let's Go!"

ding, ding, ding... the bell rings...

Anger comes out craaaaazy swinging, cursing, spitting, and taunting Happiness
Happiness blocks every punch like he's fighting a child.

Meanwhile, the crowd goes wild admiring Anger's style.

Happiness has grace and dances around the ring.
bouncing off the ropes and it almost seems...

like he's not even tryi... Whoa! a right by Happiness
a right, left, right.

Somebody's goin' down tonight.

Anger is getting tired but, he still puts up a fight.

Happiness breathes the breath of life through his mouth and exhales

ding, ding, ding... there goes the bell.

The trainer in the corner yells... "Give 'em Hell! Give 'em Hell!"

Happiness' trainer says, "Relax, All is Well."

Happiness overhears Anger's trainer's speech

and decides to chill and let himself defeat...

Anger swings and swings and swings until he is out of breath

He swings so hard that he brings his own death

for a moment that is... Anger comes right back

on the attack but, happiness still shows slack

sounds like the crack of a whip when Happiness strikes back

glad to have the opportunity to to make Anger mad

What's funny is this scenario. Call it good or bad

but, Happy is the son and Upset is the dad.

Like teacher versus student or master against pupil.

The eld versus the youthful or Falsehood against truthful.

Noone wins it is a draw. So, they still bump gloves.

Happiness says, "One." and Anger says, "Love."

I mean that!


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