Black People : Anger, The Honest And Dishonest Way Of Dealing With It

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    First of all, if you are a victim of the Human Being Religion, then you are incapable of dealing with Anger in a Profound Divine Honest Way, why? because religion teach you the dishonest way to deal with Anger, which is not to acknowledge its cause and effect upon you, such as, you should Love everybody, meaning if you are busy Loving everybody, then you have no cause to be Angry and to labor under such a Mental misconception, with such a deceiving perception, you have the making of being a very docile and passive Human Being, because in a Divine Mental state of being, such effort of dishonest expression has no place by the expression of a Divine Mental Being.

    I really do not need anybody to define and interpret the effect of Anger to me, and whether there is a need or not, to express Anger, because when in your Divine Mind, dishonesty and pretense is not present in the Thinking Process and what we want to believe about Anger has no place in the Thought process of the Divine way of Thinking, and in such a way, it require you to Live your Life, based on that which your Life Need and not Want.

    It is dishonest to teach that Anger is harmful to the body psychic and will lead to making you to become acceptable to all sorts of physical and Mental disease, such is religion teaching and it is religion that does in fact cause those diseases that is associated to the Mental action of expressing Anger.

    Show me a person that suppress Anger and I will show you a very distraught and confuse fearful person, because such a person Life is based on living a lie of dishonest expression, as so taught by the Human Being Religion.

    Beloved, if your Mind is already disease, then sure, anger will take the blame for you being in a disease state of Mind and the end result can lead to great depression and eventually a Mental breakdown, with you contributing your Disease to Anger, a Mental Action you are taught to not express, because you now strive to be in a mental state of Loving everybody, regardless of the depth and strength of Evil acted out against you, and when you live such a dishonest Life and that Life attempt to suppress the cause that bring on Anger and you desire to see the factual result from being in such a dishonest Mental state toward the cause and effect of Anger, then observe the attitude and behavior of Black people toward such Evil that have the Land of Afrika divided, as well as the Black World divided and diverse, operating in a religious mind - Set, that which give you cause to attempt to justify the present condition of Afrika and the divided Black World, all because we are taught that it is sinful to become Angry and express it, such is the dishonesty in shielding Anger.

    The Divine Mind justify your Divine Right to express Anger at that which is evilly abusing and killing you, as a matter of fact, it is a very Divine process of therapeutic Mental action to acknowledge that which you do not approve of, that is disrespecting your Life Living and the Right to live independently from Evil attitudes and behaviors, and to live a life of Freedom, Peace, and Joy, Divinely so, and when there are forces that come and Disrespect your Sovereignty of Life, then it become Divinely correct to become as Angry as need be in order for you to go into action to protect your Sovereignty of Life, it having the Divine Right to live in a state of Mental Bliss on this planet.

    The Divine Mind inform you that it is evil to claim and strive to Love everybody, while in the body of everybody, there lies in some, the seed of Evil, a Mental thought which give cause for those bodies to lie and deceive others bodies, even to the level of Stealing, Robbing, Raping, Mutilating, Starving, perversion, Enslaving, and Killing people, and such an evil, having a preference toward people that is the direct opposite from their phenotype, and those people wear a pigment coat that is Black.

    Yet, under the influence of the Evil people religion, referring to themselves to be Human Beings, they end up teaching us to not be Angry, but to Love everybody and the only people that attempt to adhere to such Lying foolishness, happen to be those Black people that give all sorts of reason not to be Angry about what have and still is happening to our Black behind, and it most certainly is not an action that is Divine, but is Human, waiting on Jesus to come and save our, not Life but Soul, a Soulthat need not to be Save, Just our Life is in such a need and that action is the obligation of the one that Live it..

    Anger give a way to become self expressive toward that you know is evil and is spitefully misusing your Life, so much in such a way, until you know that is not the way your Life is allowed to be misused, therefore it become Mental Nature for you to become angry, because anger is no more than a Divine expression toward that which is not behaving in a Harmonious, Orderly, and Balance way, and it be those principles that Life is designed to Live, reaping the benefit of the Mental Body feeling of Bliss, in a Mental state of Peace, Freedom, and Joy, those being the reason and purpose we must assign to the Meaning of the gift that is given to us, it being the gift of Life, and anybody and anything that attempt to abuse and Kill it, then it give you every Divine reason to express a disapproval and dissatisfaction by the Mental expression we identify as Anger, and it is Divine Anger that prompt and give cause for you to go into action to protect and defend your Divine Life, such an expression in defense of your Life, is an Honest expression.

    Anger is a defensive Mental component to the Mental attributes of expression, prepairing you to enter into a defensive Mental Body stance, in defense of your Life deserving attributes, which are Joy, Peace, and Freedom of Divine expression, and no one or anybody has the Right of authority to violate those Divine Rights to Life, and when such a violation take place, then it is no more than a normal response to become Mentally aggressively Angry, so much so, to the point when need be, you will send the Body into a Spirit of Action in defending your Divine Life, the gift given by the Soul Essence to everything that has the gift of Life, which is qualified to be in motion.

    God is not all things, God is in everything, but yet dictate Not.

    So to strive to Love all things and be in Anger at no thing, set you up to become the biggest fool to all things in this evil world, you need proof that such a saying is Divinely True, then run, run Black Woman and Man and fetch your mirror and behold the reflection of that Truth.

    The Divine Truth, Most Black People Been Conditioned To Despise The Divine Truth, In Favor Of The Profane Lie, As We Attempt To Love Everybody And Be Angry not Of Our Life Enemy.

    Here Is Loving You

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