Chief Elder Osiris : ANGER AND INSANITY

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    Anger And Insanity

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You

    If You Are Black Afrikan And Is Not Angry, Then You Must Be Insane

    This is about the so call Black Afrikans, we who have lost all sign of who we once were and show all signs that we can care less about our lost.

    I share with you information that you do not want to hear, because it is about the Divine Truth about us Black people, and about the way we have been made to act and behave today toward ourselves, which is in a disrespectful way.

    Insanity represent faking life true status in the world, false expression of Joy through the illusion of happiness, lost of self-respect, covert depression, while in a state of oppression, being treated unjust while pretending to be exposed to Justice, and consenting to live a life of pretension, while ignoring your life living reality.

    Anger represent facing the Truth about our life condition and who and what caused it to be as it is today, being dissatisfied with the Black life condition, facing the reality of our life living condition and over the injustice the Black life experience, being real about the Black life state of depression while living a life that is under a state of oppression.

    Any Black so call Afrikan who is not full of Anger today, is insane, choosing to take the path of least resistance when being confronted with the troubles that have been placed in the path of the Black life.

    It is insane for Black people to pretend their way through life, claiming to be successful in life when not, claiming to be happy because of what is required to be joyful in life is not available to BLACK PEOPLE.

    Insanity prevent Anger to be revealed in the life of Black so call Afrians, it cause Black people to be pleased in being disrespectful toward self, because it is disrespectful to self when you have no knowledge of who in this hellish world that you Black people are.

    It is insanity that have Black people laughing and dancing in the midst of the present condition of Afrika and while Black people been made to be a stranger to each other, as we go through life living a lie and pretending that one of us Black people have nothing to do with the condition in life of the other.

    There is no greater show of disrespect for self than to embrace individualism over collectivism, irregardless of what Glenn Beck is teaching you about choosing individualism over collectivism.

    Individual illusion stifle anger, while enforcing insanity, and any Black so call Afrikan who is not angry today about our status in the world, is insane.

    What is it that cause Black people to choose fragmentation over wholeness, is not the Black Nation been made to be a fragmented Nation, and is it not a fact that there are Black people who proudly claim an interest only in a self that we have been made to be ignorant of, shouting that I am going to get mine or I have mine and the hell with everybody else, and in this instance, the everybody else happen to be Black people being ridiculed by Black people living a life of pretending, the qualification for insanity.

    Because you will only see those Black people who have allowed themselves to be used by Lucifer to separate us from each other, confessing to individual accomplishment.

    We Black people, competing against each other in an effort to convince Lucifer to choose among us as to who would make the better agent to Lucifer wants and demands.

    So, you tell me that is not an act of insanity, coming from Black people, who rather put on a smile to please Lucifer than to be angry for what Lucifer has done to Afrika and the Black Divided Nation?

    Insanity come without anger, it have you pretending to be who and what you are not, there is no required action of dissatisfaction to be performed by you, because the insane mind is without the ability to reason rationally.

    Therefore, the insane is without reason for anger, in the mind sense of the insane, all is well with them, because the life of the insane is without obligation to self, only to those who are in control of your self.

    So, if you are Black Afrkan and is without anger, then you are a Black insane Afrikan, and today, Black people do not show anger over what has happen to us as a Black Nation.

    You want proof of our insanity, then observe the mental status of the Black Afrian today, always ready to do battle with each other, using all kind of excuse to slaughter each other, physically and mentally, and such a display of behavior is not with anger, it is a display of the insanity of the Black Afrikan.

    So, it is that insanity that is displayed by the Black so call Afrikan, which prevent that same Afrikan who is ready to blow your Black head off, that is not angry with those who have caused the Black Afrikan insanity, and is with the lost of the Divine Mind that came with that Black body.

    Show me an Afrikan that is Black and is without Divine anger today, and I will show you an insane Black Afrikan who will attempt to justify the insanity that is displayed by the not angry Black Afrikan today

    It is Lucifer the Human Being religion that serve as the virus of insanity to the mind of the Black Afrikan, because it inject within the Black Afrikan mind a belief to show anger is not religiously godly to display, and that such a privilege belong only to the religious gods, and not the religious believer, and most all Black people hold to some form of religion, Lucifer creation, you Black people who are religiously taught to smile in your Time of suffering, because suffering is the character of the Son of the religious god.

    If you are Black and Afrikan, and is not angry, then you are a Black Insane Afrikan.

    Only an insane Afrikan, take pleasure in not doing a **** thing about the condition of Afrika and remain unaffected over being a member of a Divided Black nation, all hung up in Black individualism.

    To the black Afrikan, Anger is a virtue, the lack thereof, is insanity.

    Be kind to yourself, beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and Peace and Love!


    This missive makes sense Chief Elder Osiris...Its been a minute or two since I've posted in your forum, but that alone doesn't mean I've not been keeping up with your talks/lectures...Peace In, from an angry Black Afrikan :).

    Happy New Year, Chief