Black People : Angelo Soliman & Prince Hall: Fathers of African Freemasonry in the West?

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Feb 22, 2008
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I was really just thinking about these two, since they seem to both have had a great impact on the history of African Freemasonry. Some people say that Prince Hall didn't really start "Prince Hall Freemasonry". Who did then? Was Prince Hall even a historical person? Was Angelo Soliman a historical person? If so, did he have any contact with Prince Hall?
I read that Prince Hall was actually Benjamin Bey and that Prince Hall is actually a title. I'm sure you've heard this before though.
Yeah I have, but I've never seen any historical proof to back up that claim. You got any info on that? What about Angelo Soliman? Have you heard anything about him?
I did a little study on it but couldn't get too many documents to really put together anything. The only historical proof is comparing his bio with this so called Prince Hall and connecting the dots. Right now for me its just heresay though.
I know Angelo Soliman is considered the first Moorish Freemason. He is also referred to as "The Father of Pure Masonic Thought". Word is, his writings were even more popular than that of Albert Pike. I'm wondering how much power he actually yielded and if he was initiating other Black men prior to Prince Hall. What you think?


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