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    Many of us have ancestors in the angelic realm, and if you consider that as human beings we are all linked to a common ancestry, then it is safe to suggest that we all have ancestors in the angelic realm. So what do we mean by angelic ancestors? Well, angelic ancestors are ancestors who left this world with a high level of consciousness. Having gained entry into the spiritual heavenly worlds, they were assigned different responsibilities. Some may have decided to continue to work closely with people on earth. So may have decided to do work on other planets and/or dimensions. Some may
    have decided to take positions as ascended masters (ones)... and others may have joined the angelic host.

    As we have said a few times here, there are infinite amount of angels in the spirit world, each in their own heirarchy and with thier own responsibilities. Having ancestors in the angelic realm can be very beneficial to our growth as these angels are likely to take a more intimate interest in our spiritual progress. An angelic ancestor is a part of your angelic DNA and can give you many clues about who you are, your divine purpose, your role in your family and community and so on.
    I have been fortunate to encounter at least two angelic ancestors. One of them my grandmother from the maternal line. The other, my great grand father from the paternal line. I wasn't surprised to discover my grandmother was an angel. She was the most gentle, pious woman I know in life. However I knew nothing about my great grand father until he showed up in a vision and revealed himself to me as a spiritual warrior of light. A few days later, a very gifted angelic reader confirmed that he was an angel and a warrior!
    Within the African context, we are encouraged to honor (not worship) our ancestors. Ancestors do so much for us in the spirit world; protecting us, interceding for us and so on in ways we could never imagine. Angelic ancestors would be known as Umu Chukwu (Children of God) or Umu Agbala (Children of the great Mother Spirit) or Umu Anywanwu (Children of the God of the Sun) in the Igbo spiritual tradition that I am a part of. These are beings of light... perhaps I should say, super light. These are very highly evolved beings who have completely stripped themselves of ego illusion.

    As you continue on this path, we wish you a deeper connection to your spirit guides whether they be ancestors or not. Really, in the grand scheme of things, it does not matter if you are consciously aware of your angelic ancestors or not. As long as you are connected to source, everything else will fall into place.